The 20 Worst Parenting Overshares On Facebook

If there’s one thing I’ve learned from being on the Internet it’s that people are nuts. Really. There are a lot of strange folks on the loose out there.

Yes, there are lots of nice people too but I don’t think I realized just how cuckoo people can be until so many of them started showcasing their nuttiness on the Internet and Facebook in particular.

I understand inappropriate and disgusting updates from kids who don’t yet fully realize the repercussions of their actions but parents? People in charge of raising other human beings? What excuse do they have? Especially when their Facebook overshares are so embarrassing and personal for their children?

Of course you’ve heard of STFU, Parents. If you haven’t you should head over there right now and kill an hour of work perusing the archives of Blair Koenig’s excellent work because some of the stuff featured there will blow you mind. By the way, Koenig is the proud author of STFU, Parents: The Jaw-Dropping, Self-Indulgent, and Occasionally Rage-Inducing World of Parent Overshare which you can purchase and send anonymously to your oversharing Facebook friends! Or, you know, just hand it to your annoying sister-in-law in person.

For now, though, check out the 20 worst parenting overshares on Facebook. I mean, what are these people thinking? Like I said, people are nuts, man. Learn from these mistakes, people! And don’t embarrass your children on the Internet! It may seem like a fleeting update but your friends, family and neighbors are reading and will always know that thing about your child!

  • image-3374 1 of 21
  • Trying Not To Be TMI 2 of 21
    Trying Not To Be TMI
    Trying but you fail, mom.
  • Oh My Goodness Is Right 3 of 21
    Oh My Goodness Is Right
    Alexis may have told a few neighbor kids but you just issued a press release, mom!
  • I Realize Giving Birth is Messy But Really? 4 of 21
    I Realize Giving Birth is Messy But Really?
    Um, you have a little something on your thigh. Also, we can't even see the baby! Isn't that the point? Baby>Bloody Thigh.
  • Never Been So Proud 5 of 21
    Never Been So Proud
    Thanks for the poop pic while I'm eating my lunch.
  • Seriously?! 6 of 21
    The naked kid butt is debatable but a photo of him taking a dump is not.
  • Not Even Funny 7 of 21
    Not Even Funny
    This isn't even funny. I would be devastated if my mom posted this.
  • Love Being A Mama 8 of 21
    Love Being A Mama
    I mean, seriously? People are nuts! Nobody wants to hear about your kid's poop and chewing on your nipples. Not even your husband. ESPECIALLY not your husband!
  • You Could’ve Stopped At Surgery 9 of 21
    You Could've Stopped At Surgery
    The original status update isn't so bad, but mom just had to elaborate, didn't she?
  • My Dog At My Belly Button! 10 of 21
    My Dog At My Belly Button!
    Mom's status is bad enough but then Darci has to chime in. Those two deserve each other.
  • There Are No Words 11 of 21
    There Are No Words
    For some reason this one disturbs me the most. NO ONE needs to read this!
  • Morning Baby Wood. Oh My 12 of 21
    Morning Baby Wood. Oh My
    I think I'd rather you update your status with talk of your husband's boner. And that's saying something.
  • Gag 13 of 21
    Who in their right mind thinks this is Facebook fodder? I don't even want to see this photo in private at your house, nimrod!
  • Double Gag 14 of 21
    Double Gag
    Is this supposed to be sweet?
  • Let’s Talk About Poop! 15 of 21
    Let's Talk About Poop!
    Thanks for the description.
  • Mucus Plug TMI 16 of 21
    Mucus Plug TMI
    She doesn't care if you want to know or not, she's going to tell you! UNFRIEND.
  • Sucking The Puke 17 of 21
    Sucking The Puke
    All these idiots deserve each other as Facebook friends.
  • Hey! Booger Slime Balls! 18 of 21
    Hey! Booger Slime Balls!
    You're welcome.
  • Wet Farts, Everyone! 19 of 21
    Wet Farts, Everyone!
    I just can't understand why anyone thinks we care about this stuff??
  • A First Time For Everything 20 of 21
    A First Time For Everything
    But we don't need to know about it, mom.
  • More Boogers 21 of 21
    More Boogers
    No. What's worse is you posted on Facebook about it.

All content used with permission from STFU, Parents

Article Posted 4 years Ago

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