The 7 Most Crazy, Cool and Kooky Christmas Tattoos

I have to admit it: I fall for Christmas every year. I love the food (my favorite is roast beef with Yorkshire pudding), the drinks (hello, egg nog!), the trees (we get a six-footer every year), and I even like the shopping and the crowds. However, even though I go to The Nutcracker, sprinkle my winter wardrobe with red and green, and hang the stockings by the chimney with care, I do not, I repeat, do not love Christmas as much as these 7 yule-tiders.

These tattoo and Christmas lovers are so smitten with the holiday season that they have opted to permanently etch odes to Christmas trees, the Grinch, and even Ralphie from A Christmas Story into their skin.

Check out these kooky, crazy and cool Christmas tattoos right here:

  • A Christmas Story 1 of 7
    A Christmas Story
    Yes, someone loves A Christmas Story so much they got Ralphie's face tattooed on their body. But I must say, it's pretty adorable. (Tattoo by Dustin Hysell)
    Photo Source: HIgh Street Tattoo
  • Season’s Greeting? 2 of 7
    Season's Greeting?
    This Die Hard fan got quite a tribute tattoo. His tat is of a gun taped to his back with "Season's Greetings" packing tape. It actually does double duty, it celebrates the film and Christmas!
    Photo Source: Via Smosh tattoo by Mark of Rising Tide Studios
  • Buddy the Elf! 3 of 7
    Buddy the Elf!
    While some may just buy the DVD, this Elf fan got an image of Will Ferrell as the Buddy the Elf tattooed permanently on their skin. Now, that is a Christmas statement.
    Photo Source Via: Off the Map Tattoo - tattoo by Nikko
  • Charlie Brown’s Tree 4 of 7
    Charlie Brown's Tree
    Let's admit it, we all love A Charlie Brown Christmas. It's been a family favorite for decades. But this A Charlie Brown Christmas fan takes his love to a whole new level with him tat that pays homage to the little tree featured in the film. Bonus points for being adorable.
    Photo Source: Flickr
  • Grinch 5 of 7
    While many might go to the original works of Dr. Seuss for his art inspiration, this How the Grinch Who Stole Christmas fan went with the Jim Carey version. An interesting choice don't you think? Tattoo by Shane O'Neil.
    Photo Source: Rate My Ink
  • Yoda Santa 6 of 7
    Yoda Santa
    Now, this Yoda Santa mash-up is pure holiday magic. It has so much going for it; it has Star Wars, Santa Claus, hardcore geekery, and odd cuteness, all wrapped in one holiday tattoo package. This piece of genius is by Josh Woods of Black 13 Tattoo.
    Source: Black 13 Tattoo
  • Toys for Tots 7 of 7
    Toys for Tots
    You can give money to charity, or perhaps pitch in and help with your time and energy, but this guy went a step further; he got his favorite charity tattooed on his body. And I have no idea why this Toys for Tots tribute tat includes a Santa who appears to be wearing a Mexican wrestler mask.
    Photo Source: Electirc Tough Luck Tattoo


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