The Absolute Worst Halloween Treats To Give Out

The choices for trick-or-treaters grow each year but a little common sense is needed when making selections.

Most people put a lot of though into their selection of Halloween treats. Many of my neighbors stock up on multi-packs of the most loved candy and painstakingly fill up goodie bags with special bite-sized treats, then top it off by tying each bag up with a festive ribbon. Some get dressed up in fun kid-friendly costumes while others get decked out head-to-toe in spooky gear.

But when talking about types of treats on the big night, most kids want chocolate and the bigger the better. Of course, full chocolate bars scores big points among trick-or-treaters.

Like most things, common sense prevails when choosing treats for kids. From what I’ve seen in my many years of trick-or-treating, some people mean well but end up handing out things that just aren’t appropriate or necessarily safe. Invariably, it’s those items that end up getting thrown out when parents inspect their child’s swag bag.

So before you gather your Halloween loot, if you don’t want to be the Grinch on your block, make sure these items are not on your list:


  • Hard Candy/Gumballs 1 of 9
    Every year, without fail, there are at least 2 or 3 people I witness who drop a huge (and cheap) gumball or circular hard candy into the plastic pumpkin of a toddler who can barely walk or talk. People, huge hard candies, an immature gag reflex and a tiny throat do not mix!
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  • Candy Corn 2 of 9
    Cheap, loose and uneventful…a house that gives this a candy corn or two only may be eggable in some books.
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  • Fruit 3 of 9
    Healthy, yes, but unless you want to be known as the killjoy of Halloween maybe you should think twice before handing out apples.
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  • Colored toffee/gel-like/ what the hell substance is this candy? 4 of 9
    Purely just gross, even on a day devoted to consuming insane amounts of sugar!
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  • Pennies 5 of 9
    Kind of in the same category with fruit. Not bound to excite any child although they will add some good germy organisms to a loot bag.
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  • Homemade Fod 6 of 9
    Any idea how it was made or what's in it? Or better off, who made it? If the answer is no, it's straight in the garbage for me.
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  • Old and Decrepit Toys 7 of 9
    There are two families in my neighborhood (who perhaps know each other and copied the other's trick-or-treat style) that collect old and dirty toys and tell innocent children to stick a hand inside a bag and pull out a rusted car or doll with a broken head while explaining to the parents that they are good toys but since they have no room for them, they hand out for Halloween.
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  • Loose Candy 8 of 9
    Any uncovered candy means that it will float around in the bucket or bag along with the grimy pennies and castoff toys.
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  • Candy From Outside U.S. 9 of 9
    Sorry, but when I see little wrappers from countries in a language that I can't understand, they hit the trash pile quicker than an egg hits a Halloween bus.
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