The Average Person Does It 103 Times a Year, And Other Surprising Stats

Women’s Day reported that the average person has sex 103 times per year. Let’s do some quick math here…that comes out to sex every 3½ days. I’m impressed…but then again, I’ve been married 13 years.

In a completely informal personally conducted poll of married people, I found the average married couple gets busy half as often or roughly once a week with special considerations made for vacation and birthday sex. (Just reporting the facts.)

According to sex and relationship expert Ian Kerner, PhD, “In general, sex begets sex, and sex ruts beget sex ruts. If you focus on having sex once a week, you’re probably going to end up having it more often as you’ll be more tuned in and generally turned on.” Ladies, would you agree?

In addition, 84 percent of women engage in sex to get their man to help out around the house. For serious? That seems like a really high number too! I’m all for getting my husband to unload the dishwasher but I’d rather save the sex bribes for the big stuff.

As far as sexual satisfaction was concerned, 48 percent of folks reported being satisfied with the quality of their sex life. Dr. Kerner suggests, “Sometimes you’re into sex, and other times you’re not. But the real satisfaction from which great sex emanates is the relationship you have before the sex occurs.” Hear, hear.

If you’ve ever considered sleeping in separate bedrooms, 12 percent of the married population thinks it’s a grand idea. Dr. Kerner suggests that while his and her bedrooms can be beneficial to a good night’s rest, failure to sleep in the same bed will make you less likely to have sex which can leave your relationship vulnerable to outside influences.

For even more sex stats, visit Women’s Day’s Sex by the Numbers.

Were you surprised by these sex stats?

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