The Best of the Ridiculously Good-Looking Surgery Baby Meme (PHOTOS)

Ridiculously good-looking surgery baby
Baby Joey is, indeed, ridiculously good looking

Most parents think their children are the cutest, but Joey Powling Jr.’s parents might actually be right.

On Oct. 30, Baby Joey had open-heart surgery at just 3 months old for a condition called Tetralogy of Fallot, or TOF, which is essentially a hole in his heart. His uncle Dan Phelps snapped a post-op photo of him and posted it on Reddit because he thought his nephew was particularly handsome, according to The Huffington Post.

Not only is sweet little Joey good-looking, but his brave smile and shocking surgery scar make him look that much more charismatic — so charismatic, in fact, that an entire Internet meme was born around the photo.

Joey deserves every bit of the accolades he’s receiving as a result of his ridiculously good looks — but especially because his surgery was a success.

Here are some of the well-deserved memes praising his courage (and cute face):

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    Chuck Norris isn't the only brought to tears at the sight of this baby's sweet smile.
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    Gotta love a baby with an old soul.
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    'Cause he's so devoted like that.
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    We still want to kiss it anyway.
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    The most interesting baby in the world.
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    Who doesn't?
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    Before long, you'll be eating cake out of everyone's hands.
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    Yup. He does.
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    Not only do we not mind, but we'll be happy to get him some extra hearts, too, if he wants.

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