The 9 Best Parenting Inventions Of All Time

There is a billion-dollar industry selling Stuff For Babies. Baby bottles. Baby strollers. Baby clothes. Baby toys. Baby chairs. Baby books. The list goes on. It can be more than a little overwhelming. What’s a mom or dad to do?

Well, before you go broke stocking your house with the entire inventory of Babies R Us, read Meredith’s list of the stupidest parenting inventions of all time. She’s got you covered when it comes to what you don’t need.

But those little bundles of joy do need a few things. Here’s a round-up of the best parenting inventions of all time. The short list of stuff you don’t want to be without as a parent.

  • Baby Carriers 1 of 9
    Baby Carriers
    Whether you prefer a sling, wrap or pack style carrier, anything that lets you hold your little one close while keeping your hands free is a win. I lived in mine the first year with each of my girls.
  • The Binky 2 of 9
    The Binky
    Babies want to suck all the time. They can't be at the breast every minute. Pacifiers fill the gap. Whoever thought of these was a merciful genius. With a crying baby. I especially love these cute ones with the stuffed animal attached. They're adorable and harder to lose.
  • Diapers 3 of 9
    Diapers are the first thing you will want for your kid, and arguably the most essential. Cloth diapers like these are kind to the planet and you only have to stock up once!
  • Baby Monitor 4 of 9
    Baby Monitor
    Ah, the baby monitor. This is a new parent's ticket to freedom. With it you can go downstairs to fold laundry, out to the garden, or even sneak off and have S-E-X with your sweetie while the baby sleeps.
  • Bedtime Story 5 of 9
    Bedtime Story
    Children's books are one of the all-time great inventions, full stop. From baby board books up through illustrated classics, a good bedtime story soothes tired nerves at the end of the day and brings families together with a love of reading.
  • Baby Wipes 6 of 9
    Baby Wipes
    Never underestimate the power of a baby wipe. Yes, they're useful for cleaning babies' bottoms. But even once your kid is potty trained, baby wipes are useful for cleaning everything else: the banana mashed into the car seat, the marker on your toddler's face. Everything.
  • Trail-A-Bike 7 of 9
    There aren't a lot of parenting gadgets that are genuinely useful past the baby years, but this one stands out. A kid-sized attachment that turns your regular bike into a tandem for family rides and detaches again in seconds. It would be hard to overstate how much fun this is. It's also just plain useful. My husband uses ours to bike our daughter to school.
  • Smartphones 8 of 9
    I know my iPhone wasn't invented just to help busy moms, but it gets a shout-out here anyway. Not only is the phone stacked with fun educational apps for kids, but I'm pretty sure my family would never see a dentist again without the organizational tools it gives me.
  • Infant Car Seats 9 of 9
    Infant Car Seats
    Sure, car seats save lives. The ones that pop out of their base to be carried around have a bonus superpower: they preserve naptime, too. Any parent who has ever had the thrill of not waking a sleeping baby just because you've arrived at your destination knows what I'm talking about.

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Article Posted 5 years Ago

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