The Best Tweets from the Sesame Street Twitter Account

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Cookie, maybe?

We all know our favorite television shows, channels and even the places we love to eat and shop are on Twitter. So it should come as no surprise that there’s a Sesame Street Twitter stream. They do tweet show news and events along with clips, but the real reason you should follow them is for every tenth tweet or so which is sent by a Sesame Street character. It’s really funny and charming to imagine these beloved monsters crafting their thoughts in 140-character format, sharing their everyday goings on (like what Bert and Cookie had for breakfast) and their funny one-liners (like some great ones from The Count). Here are some of the tweets from Sesame Street characters that made me chuckle the loudest:

  • Cookie, Maybe? 1 of 11
    Cookie, Maybe?
    Cookie Monster: Me just met you. Dis is crazy. But me love cookies! Gimme, maybe? [Tweet]
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  • The Incident 2 of 11
    The Incident
    Abby Cadabby: My teacher Mrs. Sparklenose says no magic during snack time. Maybe it's because of that giant dancing graham cracker incident. [Tweet]
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  • Breakfast at Hooper’s 3 of 11
    Breakfast at Hooper's
    Bert: Cookie Monster and I had breakfast at Hooper's. I had oatmeal. He had oatmeal cookies. [Tweet]
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  • Super Joker! 4 of 11
    Super Joker!
    Grover: Here is a little joke: how do monsters fly? They always fly furrrrst class. Get it? Monsters? Fur? I crack myself up sometimes. [Tweet]
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  • Blue 5 of 11
    Cookie Monster: Today me feeling blue. Oh, wait: me look in mirror. Me actually blue. Me know what can cure this: COOKIE. [Tweet]
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  • Birthday Penguins 6 of 11
    Birthday Penguins
    Ernie: Guess what what penguins sing when there's a penguin birthday? "Freeze a jolly good fellow!" Get it, Bert? "Freeze?" [Tweet]
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  • Date Night 7 of 11
    Date Night
    Oscar: Grundgetta wanted to visit the Museum of Modern Trash, but I wanted to see the Skunk Zoo. Grouches are stubborn: we didn't go out. [Tweet]
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  • Big Question 8 of 11
    Big Question
    The big question on Sesame Street today: Is Pi Day more important to the Count or to Cookie Monster? [Tweet]
    Photo via EgoTV
  • Why is the Sky Blue? 9 of 11
    Why is the Sky Blue?
    Ernie: Hey, Bert - why is the sky blue? Cuz if it were green, people wouldn't know where to stop mowing! Heeheehee. [Tweet]
    Photo via Wikia
  • Conflict Resolution 10 of 11
    Conflict Resolution
    Oscar: Lemme explain Grouch conflict resolution: complain until the other person gives up and walks away. Conflict avoided! Heh heh heh. [Tweet]
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  • Count Von Count 11 of 11
    Count Von Count
    Count: Little mathematical riddle: why was 6 afraid of 7? Because seven ate nine! One, one wonderfully bad joke! Ah ah ah! [Tweet]

    You can also follow the Count directly on his own Twitter page, where he is literally just counting and laughing. Ah ha ha!
    Photo via International Day

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Article Posted 4 years Ago

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