The Boyfriend Jean is for Toddlers?

boyfriend-jeanThey’re too young to actually have boyfriends, but your four-year-old daughters can now have a pair of boyfriend jeans!

Because you really want to think about a boy getting into your pre-schooler’s pants, right?

Yes, that was a little gendered. Which is the whole problem with these pants. Pointed out by Miriam over at Feministing, we were equally bemused by the news that the “boyfriend” jean has been sized down for little kids. Cut our girls’ jeans a little looser, and we’re on board as much for her comfort’s sake as for the chance to delay the skimpy look a little longer (forever, please?).

But whatever happened to calling them “loose fit” or something similarly related to cut rather than a description of the wearer? A more generous cut for girls and women alike has been a long time in coming, and for that we thank the Gap for thinking a little more comfort. How about we just leave it at the comfort level – and let her know she CAN be comfy?


A side note: equally disturbing are the boyfriend pillows marketed to little girls – like this one emblazoned with the Disney princesses. Does a four-year-old need to think about cuddling with her boyfriend?

Images: Gap/Amazon

Article Posted 7 years Ago

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