The Break-Up Summit: Teaching Teens How to End Relationships

There are many things that teens need to learn: how to drive, how to do algebra, and also how to break up. Driver’s education and math are standard classes offered to the youth of our country, but there is a new class that may prove to be just as valuable a class in how to break-up.

The class is part of the $18 million national program known as Start Strong and it is aimed at teaching teenagers in 11 major cities to prevent dating violence. In Boston the program is holding its third annual “Break-Up Summit” where they focus “on teaching teens to end relationships in ways that don’t spark negative behavior like cheating, public humiliation, or worse.”

While teaching teens how to break up with grace and dignity may seem silly to some, others believe that there can be devastating results from bad break ups.

CBS News mentioned that:

“Nicole Daley, who heads Boston’s Start Strong program, said a bad teenage relationship can lead to problems like depression, low self-esteem, falling academic grades, and even unwanted pregnancies in cases where one partner tries to manipulate the other. There’s also the risk of a physically dangerous confrontation.”

Do you think that all teens should go through a class like this?

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Article Posted 5 years Ago

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