The Creepiest Ultrasound Image Ever

What would you call a handmade item that leans more toward scary and horrific than pretty and pleasing?  The folks at the aptly-named Craftastrophe have a knack for finding such items and they’ve located one that might interest you expectant parents out there.

It’s a custom baby ultrasound painting rendered by an artist who goes by the name of WyldAngelz and sells her wares on Etsy.

She’s not a bad artist.  Her paintings of infants are sweet and her pet portraits are kind of cute.  But her ultrasound paintings?  Creepy with a capital C.

Art is always open to interpretation, but the artist herself acknowledges that these paintings are “somewhat abstract and surreal in appearance.”

I think that’s a bit of an understatement.  They look like terrifying goblin babies and not something I would want hanging on the wall in my house.

But that’s just me.  Surely somebody, somewhere would appreciate such a unique objet d’art. What about you?  Would you pay $85 for such a portrait?

Image: WyldAngelz/Etsy

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