The Differing Shower Habits of Men and Women

kid-shower-1Quick: Who takes longer showers, men or women?

What bugs parents the most in the bathroom?

Who changes the showerhead (it’s not magic? Just kidding …)

Water Pik, the company that brought you a little pulsating spray teeth-cleaning system that your parents bought back in the ’80s but nobody every really bothered to use, has released the results of its survey of adult bathroom habits.

Behind the Shower Curtain” answers the above questions and many more you didn’t know you had.

First, shower length. On average, as has always been rumored, women take longer showers than men, but only by two minutes (14 vs. 12 minutes). My guess is it’s the legs — when we bother to shave them. I wonder what role showers play in marriage.

Biggest bathroom pet peeve for parents? Blobs of toothpaste left in the sink (I thought it was just us!)

And, as suspected, men change more showerheads than women.

Men report thinking about work, sex and day-dreaming while hosing down, but women — boring women! — think about chores, problems and weight.

Half the moms said they headed to the shower to escape. (What, to make shopping lists and criticize their thighs?). Only 28 percent of men “escape” to the shower, 29 percent of women without children and a whopping 50 percent of mothers.

Know what I find myself doing in the shower quite often? Reading the French “shampoo, lather, rinse, repeat” instructions on all the eye level soap bottles. My French is quite good in the shower.

We all find common ground and it happens to be on the mildew-coated grout and tiles. None of us wants to clean the shower. Most of us would rather pay bills than scrub soap scum, according to the survey. And everybody, EVERYBODY, hates low pressure and tepid water during the morning 12- to 14-minute reprieve.

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