The Disappointing Childhood Friend Meme Triggers Flashbacks of That Kid We All Couldn't Shake

Disppointing childhood friend
Let the good times roll

Everyone had a friend like this kid. The one who peed the bed — your bed — during a sleepover. The one whose parents thought apples and honey was a special treat. The one whose mom made you sleep in one room while your friend slept in the other.

Those were fun times. Except, really, they weren’t. You knew it then, you know it even more know.

The Disappointing Childhood Friend memes pretty much sums it up. And then some. Take a look:

  • Now it’s a party 1 of 14
    Now it's a party
    Let's go crazy.
  • Sh*t 2 of 14
    What do they have against locks?
  • Ew 3 of 14
    Who needs Kaopectate when you have this lady.
  • Bummer 4 of 14
    Those aren't even real cartoons in there.
  • Seriously? 5 of 14
    It's a pillow, dude.
  • Ugh 6 of 14
    Tell me again why we didn't do this on Friday night instead?
  • Really? 7 of 14
    Who are you, my grandpa?
  • Gee, thanks 8 of 14
    Gee, thanks
    Glad I could be of service.
  • Fun 9 of 14
    Now what do we do for the next 7 hours and 40 minutes?
  • Fail 10 of 14
    Tofu pup? I'll pass.
  • See ya 11 of 14
    See ya
    That was fun. Oh wait. No, no it wasn't.
  • Let’s do this again 12 of 14
    Let's do this again
    Or never.
  • Fun 13 of 14
    I would have been happy to take my chances.
  • Atari? 14 of 14
    Welcome to the 2010s.

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