The Duggars are Praying for Jon and Kate

michelleandjimbobIf there’s one thing Jim Bob and Michelle Duggar are doing right (besides, um, practicing), it’s keeping their marriage from imploding in front of the cameras.

No matter what you think of how many kids they have or how they’re raising them (no kissing before your wedding, really?), the baby-making Duggars deserve some props for keeping the love real. They spoke out on what Jon and Kate Plus Eight need to do to set things straight.

No surprise here, but mama Duggar thinks Kate needs to settle down now like most of America.

Michelle Duggar told the Washington Posts’ On Faith columnist she can’t imagine martial strife with seven under seven because “your demands are so much more intense as a mama and daddy. You’re the only one – really – that can tie the shoes and everything.”

“Humility is the key,” Michelle said.

For the most part, the Duggars didn’t come off that badly (who else is surprised? raise your hands). Jim Bob says they’re praying for them – after all, there are pressures to raising children period. And to that, we say AMEN! As someone who has always been skeeved by the subservience complicit in the quiverfull lifestyle, I was even happy to hear Jim Bob say that he believes he should treat his wife like a queen. If he means it as – she’s the love of my life, and I want to lavish her with love not, I put her on a pedestal because she makes my babies.

Because somehow, for all the weird anti-feminist rhetoric spun by the Duggars on their show, they came off  – in this interview at least – as two parents on the exact same page. And as Amy recently pointed out here on the Derby – it would be nice if people stopped looking at the Gosselins as “Kate’s a shrew” and started saying “it takes to two” . . . two to screw up a marriage, two to make it work.

And if you’re in a household of two parents, you better get on the same page.

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