The Federal Government Files Complaint Against Nap Nanny

The Deadly Nap Nanny

Do you have one of those Nap Nanny recliners in your home? If so, you might want to think twice before putting your beloved baby in its care.

On Wednesday, according to CBS News, the Federal Government’s Consumer Product Safety Commission filed a administrative complaint against the Nap Nanny manufacturer, Baby Matters LLC of Berwyn, Pa., in regards to their portable baby recliner called “the Chill.”

The CPSC is seeking an order that Baby Matters inform consumers of risks with their product, and they are very serious risks indeed. According to the complaint, 70 children have allegedly fallen out of their recliners and five have died.

“My heart goes out to the parents and families of children who are injured or lose their lives in incidents associated with consumer products,” CPSC commissioner Nancy A. Nord said in a statement. “Yet not every incident that occurs in the presence of a product was necessarily caused by that product.”

But the filing may be moot, the company went out of business a month ago. But Leslie Gudel, the company’s owner and founder, still doesn’t think they are at fault. “We do not believe the complaint has merit and stand behind the safety of our product when used as instructed. No infant using the Nap Nanny properly has ever suffered an injury requiring medical attention.”

In some of the cases, the recliner was placed in the crib, which the company stated was not safe, but parents did it anyways. When doing so a child risks suffocation. Other babies were injured when they fell out of the harness. Most of the injuries and four of the deaths were attributed to the first version of the Nap Nanny; the newer version hit the selves in January 2011.

Have you encountered the Nap Nanny or used one?

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