The Feel-Good Flash Mob of Early Summer 2013: Kids Say Good-Bye to Their Principal

Middle School Flash Mob Honors Retiring Principal, Makes the Entire Internet Cry the Ugly Cry (via Babble)

Apparently I’m on a roll with heartwarming, tear-jerking videos this week, but here’s one of a bunch of middle school teachers and kids honoring their beloved retiring principal with a flash mob.

Roger Boddie, a 36-year veteran educator in the public schools of  Hingham, Mass., was told he was being filmed giving a tour of a new school building.

When he reached the roof, he looked down to see the entire staff and student body outside.

When I saw everybody out there — when I first saw them — I thought the fire alarm must have gone off and I didn’t realize it, Boddie told the Boston Globe. “I called them on the radio, ‘What’s going on?’ And they said, ‘Oh, nothing,’ and I see kids in a circle. … We don’t go in a circle for a fire alarm. I knew I had been had.”

Hundreds of students and staff then performed, flash mob style, to Journey’s iconic “Don’t Stop Believin'” while holding up signs thanking Mr. Boddie for believing in them.

According to the Globe, the emotional send-off was a massive coordination effort by students, staff, and parents. A local dance teacher was enlisted to choreograph, and the entire event was filmed by Hingham Community Access Television.

Break out the tissues!


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(via: Buzzfeed)

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