The French Have Done It Again! Children Appear in Clothing Ad with Naked Man

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Fashion faux pas!

It would seem, based on the fashion industry seulement, that the French love children and nudity. First they photograph 10-year-old model Thylane Loubry Blondeau topless, and now clothiers la Redoute have been caught with their pants down. Or, well, have caught another man with his pants down.

Jezebel reported this evening (via Stylist UK) that four young boys were photographed modeling t-shirts and shorts on a beach with a naked male sunbather in the background. Erin Ryan writes, “The picture was selected by someone who apparently was so unphased by the sight of a naked French guy on the beach that the dickbomb went unnoticed. The identity of the man is unknown.”

Here’s the thing: this ad, though it features nudity, doesn’t bother me. Wanna know why?

Because the children in the ad are fully clothed, and the naked adult isn’t posing in a way that’s meant to be sexual. He’s just a naked dude enjoying the feel of the surf on his nads. Why not?!

Look, in case you’ve forgotten, underneath our expensive Bermuda shorts, we’re all naked. Nudity is okay. It’s the sexualization of children that’s gross. Personally, I think a little dick-and-balls action is kinda hilarious. Especially as subtle as it is in this photo. I mean, I probably wouldn’t use it on a website or in a catalog to sell clothes, but I would definitely appreciate it as an outtake. La Redoute apologized, end of story, right? (“La Redoute,” by the way, means “accidental peen” in English.)

Article Posted 5 years Ago

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