The Furby: A Christmas Curse — Why Parents Everywhere Hate Him

It was the middle of the night. I was fast asleep. My daughter and I were curled up on a twin bed at my in-laws house while my husband, also fast asleep, was five feet away in another twin bed. In between the two beds was a bedside table which had a lamp, a glass of water on it as well as a make shift bed that my 6-year-old daughter had cobbled together for her brand new Furby.

Up to this point, the Furby hadn’t really driven me to the point of hating it, but it all changed on Christmas Eve. Yes, the Valley-girl-ish refrains of “oh, my, god,” the farting, the multiple personality disorder and my daughter’s begging to use my iPhone to feed the Furby burgers were a bit annoying, but I had yet to actual loathe the “it” toy of the season. But on this particular night the Furby crossed the line. The Furby (I will just refer to it as “the Furby” since it has yet to reveal it’s name to us), woke up and starting yammering on in Furbish at about 3:30 in the morning. We didn’t jostle it, we didn’t move it, we didn’t approach it to play; it just went off for no apparent reason. And when a toy wakes me up from some much needed sleep, it goes from a simple plaything to Satan’s plaything.

In case you aren’t hip to the workings of the Furby, there is one big drawback with the uber-popular toy; there is no off-switch. The Furby attempts to be one of the family: singing, chatting, and dancing to music. In talking to other parents, I’ve heard tales of parents ripping out it’s batteries while others hide the Furby in the bottom of a closet to muffle it’s Furbish cries. I sensed a pattern; the Furby really doesn’t have many adult fans.

Gizmodo said of the Furby: “If you’re not five years old, and dumb, exposure to the Furby is about as bad as smallpox spores. The gimmick quickly wears off, and it’s then a constant, gnawing source of aggravation. It’s like a device designed specifically to annoy. In that sense, it’s sort of brilliant, in the same way a crossbow is a brilliant way to shoot an arrow through someone’s neck.”

A Wiki Answer to the question, “why dos everyone hate Furbies” was because, “they were creepy as hell. Many people claim their Furbys would turn on by themselves, move around the house by themselves, and would continue working even when the batteries were taken out.”

One Amazon commenter (and mom of three) gave the Furby one star and said, “$74 for an ugly-ass toy? Are you serious? Buy your kid some building blocks to stimulate his/her mind, then donate the other $60 to a good cause. If your kid pitches a fit because they don’t have an overpriced owlbug on meth, that’s even more reason why the spoiled brat DOESN’T need one.”

Did your kid get a Furby for Christmas? And do you hate it yet?

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Article Posted 5 years Ago

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