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code_022310_futurefood1Last night, I attended the “Future of Food” at the 92ndYTribeca and live tweeted from @BabbleFood. There was an excitement and appreciation for excellent food among the foodies, bloggers, chefs and educators in attendance, but also an urgent call to action to protect and promote sustainable food. The idea was to consider what the future holds for food: what will it look like? how will it taste? how will we produce, create and distribute our food in 30+years? But the conversation kept circling back to the immediate future. And the consensus was that if we’re to have a future of food at all, we have to act quickly and start with our kids. Among others, we heard from Chef Michael Anthony of Gramercy Tavern, Glenn Roberts, founder of Anson Mills, and writer and Food52 co-founder Amanda Hesser. I’ve recapped the live tweet here, but there’s much more discussion on @BabbleFood and by searching #y30food. Join us!  – Emily Frost

{Plus, find the much touted Jamie Oliver TED talk below.}

Teaching Sustainability to Kids: Thought Leaders and New Projects

Jamie Oliver, Michael Pollan – chefs going into schools and gardening, talking to kids. Start with 5 year olds. #y30food

Jamie Oliver – a foodie who’s relatable and opens up care of food and care for sustainability. #y30food

Jamie Oliver’s TED talk highly recommended – shows how far we have to go in teaching our kids to eat well. #y30food

Michael Anthony of Gramercy Tavern on the advisory of Edible Schoolyard Brooklyn – curious to learn more about this…#y30food

Kids thinking tomatoes are potatoes. Scary reality when kids don’t recognize vegetables. White House moving us in right direction? #y30food

RT @veenav: Sustainability isn’t an option, it’s a requirement. Food education for kids is critical…thanks first lady Michelle O. #y30food

Getting Kids Excited about Food

How do we get our kids excited about local foods? about making food? #y30food

RT @AdrianaV: RT @Babblefood: How do we get our kids excited about local foods? about making food? #y30food

toddleraudrey RT @Babblefood: Kids want a place in the kitchen. Kids want to be butchers! The food movement is moving to kids! #y30food

Go into schools – teach kids about vegetables – that’s how we change how our kids see food and thus, the future of food. #y30food

JenniferPerillo @Babblefood Take kids to the market. Let them choose fruits & vegetables. Even if you think they won’t eat it, let them be curious. #y30food

RT @JenniferPerillo: @Babblefood Start with things they know like pizza, only make it from scratch. Let them choose vegetable toppings. Baby steps. #y30food

toddleraudrey @Babblefood start cooking with children young and they will always be involved. #y30food

JenniferPerillo Liberty Science Center is planning Cooking: The Exhibition to open June 2011. Long way off, but will certainly get kids excited. #y30food

One answer: chefs going into classrooms. Just heard Michael Anthony of Gramercy Tavern visiting NYC classrooms recently. Go Mike! #y30food

JenniferPerillo @Babblefood The big obstacle in NYC public ed are principals. They have to be on board to effect real change. Sad, but true. #y30food

How Does Sustainable Food Go Maintstream?

How do we mainstream our concern for sustainability, where our food comes from, what happens to it? #y30food

NYC is food obsessed, but how do we make our obsession not elitist and affordable. y30food

Every movement starts in elite fashion, spreads out into broad social movement – can we do that with slow food mvmt? #y30food

One answer to sending message about sustainable food: social media! #y30food

“Communicate, communicate, communicate”: that’s how we make sustainability a mass movement. Share passion for it widely. #y30food

heidieatsalot Agree w/ preach to choir. We get so consumed by food we don’t realize there’s still thousands who aren’t. How do we connect to them?#y30food

How can we use media to convince the rest of the public that sustainable food is the way to go? Bright ideas for education? #y30food

RT @delucalauren: Knowledge is power! Public education is vital to the future of food. Foodies and bloggers must spread word about sustainable food #y30food about 13 hours ago from UberTwitter

Pervasive Excitement for Cooking

RT @meredithmo: #y30food Cooking should not be a spectator sport. Food in restos should encourage people to cook more themselves, not scare them away.

Get people in kitchen – Chef Michael Anthony’s goal. #y30food

Michael Pollan – ‘cooking should not be spectator sport. Tell food stories that are captivating and engaging.’ #y30food

Cooking w/ local food connects you to the seasons, to memories, to where you are in the world. #y30food

heidieatsalot “We’re in the business of building memory.” Chef Michael Anthony #y30food

Why is current food mvmt about conquering? ‘I went there, I had that.’ Instead of sharing the experience w/ people, enjoying moment.#y30food

Urban homesteading – people starting to take control of their food supply. Gardening, farming in the city – growing trend. #y30food

Power to the Food Bloggers & Small Companies!

The traditional way of distributing information – falling apart. How do people find out about news in the food world? Bloggers? #y30food

Power to the food bloggers – they’ll be our new guides. #y30food

Top down model dissolving. Regular people making things happen, creating amazing recipes. But do we still need an editor/curator? #y30food

Food editors point us to the best recipes, help us wade through the massive amount of food blogging to find the best. #y30food

Exciting – instead of making cookies alone, you can share what you’re making w/ the rest of the world through online marketing. #y30food

Laid off people moving to small food businesses, choosing to roast coffee rather than run the rat race. #y30food

@Foodzie: – great way to check out small food companies. #y30food

Affordability, Urgency: Sustainable Food

How do you make great food affordable for everyone? #y30food

RT @meatcamp: @AdrianaV You make sustainable, heritage food more affordable in part by reducing steps farm-to-fork & increasing demand. #y30food

Sense of urgency in educating people about choices about our food. #y30food. Sustainability won’t be a choice, we’ll be forced…future?

The Nose to Tail Movement

RT @meredithmo: #y30food Public becoming more adventurous about food, e.g. nose to tail eating. Infatuation w/innards! Appreciation for using entire animal

RT @emofly: #y30food The nose-to-tail message is one of reverance for the animal, not “wow let’s try to get ppl to eat weird stuff.” -Michael Anthony

Eating innards – related to deep-rooted admiration of whole animal. Do you eat innards? Not sure if I’m ready… #y30food

What’s Next?

Organic White House garden, food bloggers out the whazoo, sustainability – but what’s next for food? y30food

What will we be eating in 30 years? #y30food

Will there be one kind of lettuce in 30 years? Will we be eating fast food only? #y30food

If the locavores win, we’ll be eating leeks in New York in February…what’s in store in 30 years for food? #y30food

Will the trend of people being more open-minded about what they eat continue? What will we be eating in 30 years? #y30food

“Maintaining tradition is a challenge: how to keep food intriguing & traditional & also responsibly create food”- Gramercy Tavern. y30food

Food in 30 Years

Will we have a bar scan for our food – telling us what’s in it? #y30food

Biggest problem with modern food – doesn’t make you CRAVE it – too tinkered with. #y30food

Moving to cocktail portion of “Future of Food” – great conversation, let’s keep it going and help our kids see food differently. #y30food

Photo courtesy of 92YTribeca; Video courtesy of TED Talks.

Article Posted 7 years Ago

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