The Germiest Places In Your House Right Now!

germs-01If you’re the parent of children of any age you’ve probably got a lot of germs in your house right now.

No judgment! It’s just the truth. Kids are disgusting little nose-picking, butt scratching goobers who forget to wash their hands on a regular basis. But there. I just described myself.

Anyhow, there are some places in your house that are currently teeming with germs and I thought you should know. I mean, you don’t let your kid lick the trash can so why are you letting him play with that adorable house plant you’ve managed to keep alive for more than three months now? Because the plant? It is dirrrty. Dirtier than Christina Aguilera when she sang that song called “Dirrty” on the album entitled “Stripped.”

Yeah. That dirty.

So Yahoo Shine was kind enough to spread the good word on the dirtiest spots in your house so that you can keep from spreading the germs.

Check out the germiest spots in your house. Break out the 409, sister. You’re about to be disgusted.

  • House Plants 1 of 5
    House Plants
    I know, right? They're oxygen emitting house plants. We need oxygen to survive and stuff. So what do you mean germs? But yeah, they can get dustier than that old copy of Infinite Jest you've been pretending to read for three years now. Wipe 'em down with water every now and again. And make sure you don't have moldy soil because, well, if you have a toddler you know they're notorious for eating that stuff.
  • Blinds 2 of 5
    The blinds! They are totally going to kill your baby! Just kidding. Relax. It's fine. Just be aware that blinds can be keepers of grossness. Rub those suckers down with a damp cloth once a week or so and you're good to go.
  • Toothbrush Holders 3 of 5
    Toothbrush Holders
    My husband refuses to use our toothbrush holder. Until now I thought it was because he thinks he's better than me but, turns out, he's smarter than me. These guys get yucky. Just throw that bad boy in your dishwasher once a week and you'll be fine!
  • Credit Cards 4 of 5
    Credit Cards
    Strange to think that these little fellas that bring such delight also bring such horrific germery into your home. But they've been handled more than Aguilera in the aforementioned "Dirrty" video. Swab 'em with alcohol every now and again or just know that the same hand you use to purchase groceries is the one that's wiping that stray lock off your child's forehead AND IT'S TEEMING WITH GERMS.
  • Purse 5 of 5
    Yes ma'am. Your purse is disgusting. Think of all the places it's been. I mean, GOD, you set it on the floor of the airport that one time when you really had to go and there was nowhere to put it and then you brought it home and set it on the kitchen counter. Yeah. You did that. ARE YOU TRYING TO KILL YOUR WHOLE FAMILY? Listen, calm down, nobody knows you did that but you. Just get yourself some Woolite and spot clean that bad boy every now and again. Don't forget to turn it inside out and wipe down the liner because we both know some nasty stuff goes in there. When you were twenty it was that pair of underwear while you negotiated the walk of shame and now it's your children's snot rags. Either way, clean up already!

To see the top 10 Germiest Places In Your House click on over to Shine.


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