The Gosselin's Newest Scandal: Animal Abuse


What a month it’s been for the Jon and Kate Plus Eight clan. Allegations of infidelity, accusations of breaking child labor laws, and now there are people concerned that the family abuses animals. A marriage on the line, minors being ‘exploited’ and now even the family dog is getting the fuzzy end of the lollipop.

The family has two German Shepherds named Shoka and Nala. In Jon Gosselin’s People Magazine cover story he talked about the dogs saying, “Those kids beat them up, climb on them, pull their tails, bite at them, drag them around and everything you can imagine not to do to an animal, they’ve done.”

Animal lovers in Pennsylvania got hot under their collars and made several complaints to the Humane Society in the county the Gosselin’s live in. Then came out the damage control. Jon released a statement saying:
“I’d like to set the record straight. We understand the responsibilities of being good dog owners. Whenever my kids are with Shoka and Nala, everyone is carefully supervised to ensure that no one dog or child is injured. Shoka and Nala are loyal companions who we consider members of our family. We would never do anything to hurt them, and treat them with the respect and love that they deserve.”

The Human Society has said that, “We have no credible reason to believe in any way that that there is cruelty going on.” Probably chalking it up to be just the reality of every day life of eight rambunctious kids with dogs. A dogs life that does not sound that fun to me.

Do you have a pet your child has inflicted what could be considered abuse upon?

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