The Great Debate: Toilet Paper Roll Over or Under — Which Way is Most Popular?

Toilet roll over underThere are many debates that plague households across the land. Arguments about money, chores and how to raise your children are common topics. But one conflict arises that is far less important than any of those but yet still gets people passionate and completely riles up. The issue is toilet paper. The great debate?  Whether it should be hung over or under.

Personally, I am an “over” person and it really bothers me when the toilet roll in hung under. And O know better. There are so many other things to be truly bothered by, and this really is totally trivial. But it’s some odd instinct that takes over when the roll is hung opposite of how I’m used to. So why do people care? Some say that it’s how you grew up which dictates how you like it in your own home. Did your mom hang it under? Then odds are you hang it under too. Therefore your children will hang it under, and so on and so on, creating generations of toilet roll underers.

There really is no “right way” to hang a toilet roll. Just preferences. But there is one way that it significantly more popular than the other.

According to an old survey from Toilet Paper World (and yes, there is a Toilet Paper World website) it’s been sited that “68% like to hang toilet paper with the first sheet going over the roll, while 25% prefer to hang the first sheet under the roll.”

What are you? A roll over or under or are you one of those rare breeds that don’t care?


Article Posted 6 years Ago

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