The Guardian's Brilliant Three Little Pigs Allegory Touts Paper's In-Depth Coverage and Social Media Prowess

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Home. Run.

Wow. Like The Guardian‘s coverage, this video they’ve made heralding their success at giving readers “the whole picture” is mind-blowingly good. They’ve managed to use the Three Little Pigs to represent the average homeowner in this incredible allegory for our chaotic economic times. Not only do they impress the viewer with the well-roundedness of their coverage, illustrating that the paper knows how to tackle a story from multiple angles, they make it clear that they have a mission to respect and encourage online conversation with readers, insinuating that the general public’s thoughts and feelings not only help shape Guardian stories, but history itself.

Unbelievably, the updated Three Little Pigs storyline is entertaining in and of itself aside from the journalistic commentary – which doesn’t distract from the storytelling at all. In fact, the journalistic commentary makes us feel like we’re part of a tense action movie. Incredibly, this video – even though it’s really just a commercial for the paper’s brand of “open journalism” – doesn’t feel at all like a marketing ploy. This is a true journalistic, branding and artistic triumph. Unheard of. I am in awe. But hey, when you’re good, you’re good! And The Guardian certainly is that.¬†Watch:


I think one of the most difficult things for a brand of any kind to achieve is making its audience feel like an integral and respected part of the story. Many bloggers have dealt with and continue to face that sort of challenge. But perhaps the challenge to be authentic is solved by simply being authentic. This video conveys to me that The Guardian has a genuine passion for news and a real affection for its readership. I guess what should be strange is how remarkable that dynamic feels.

Article Posted 5 years Ago

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