The Happiest Baby Names

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Now that's one happy baby!

Do you want a happy baby? Well, who doesn’t? As moms and dads, we do everything we can to ensure that our babies will grow into happy and healthy individuals, but could happiness start with a name?

Parents pick baby names for a variety of reasons. Many select a family name, choose a name based on its meaning, or simply pick a name they personally love just because they like it. I wonder how many parents, if any choose a name based on a happiness factor.

Do we really pick names thinking if we give our child a happy name, they will actually turn out to be happy? (Incidentally, I heard today about a man of average contentment who was actually named Happy, and I bet his long term need to answer questions explaining how he got his name left him anything but happy).

I’ll admit, I never once picked a name because I thought it would bring my child happiness. I really never thought about it…until now.

Here are some of the happiest baby names, according to Nameberry:

Names With Happy Meanings

Bonnie, Farah, Larissa

Darwin, Felix, Isaac

Nursery Rhyme Names

Lucy, Molly, Rosie

Jack, Peter, Simon

Names From Disneyland

Audrey, Daisy, Flora

Eric, Finn, Milo

Virtuous Names

Charity, Hope, Justice


Click here for a full list of the happiest baby names from Nameberry.

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Oh, what will come of the child with the scariest baby name?

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