The Horror! 20 Family Easter Photos Gone Terribly, Terribly Wrong

Wait, you mean they planned this photo? On purpose?

Easter isn’t my thing, man.  Never liked the candy and never really gelled to the whole Easter Bunny concept and the tenuous tie-in with Jesus.  While I think Jesus was probably a great guy who did a whole lot of nice stuff for some folks I don’t really know how much I believe in resurrection and all that.  I like my walking dead to be on television, is what I’m saying.

So… Easter.  Yeah.  I don’t think I’ve met a bunny that isn’t terrifying in his or her own special way.  They all seem to be escaped mental patients posing as bunnies so they can get close enough to drink your blood.  Or something.

Last year Babble hosted an Easter Photo gone wrong contest wherein y’all submitted your Easter Photos and I am telling you what: stick to photos of the kids in their Easter ensembles standing in the garden next to some flowers or something.  Leave the bunny out of it.  Below are twenty reasons why:

  • Crying Won’t Help You 1 of 20
    Crying Won't Help You
    Both the Easter Bunny and your mom laugh at your pain.
  • Evil Easter 2 of 20
    Evil Easter
    Shortly after this photo this little boy disappeared forever.
  • Fun For The Whole Family 3 of 20
    Fun For The Whole Family
    Or not. I'm just trying to imagine the preparation that went down. "Dad, you wear your blue Polo shirt, Cindy will wear her white prom dress..."
  • No Need For Commentary 4 of 20
    No Need For Commentary
    I think the kid's face pretty much says it all.
  • Hope You Can Skate Fast, Sweetheart. 5 of 20
    Hope You Can Skate Fast, Sweetheart.
    She is ready to bolt at any second...And she should be.
  • Is His Face Melting? 6 of 20
    Is His Face Melting?
    That kid is braver than I am.
  • She’s Smiling on the Outside… 7 of 20
    She's Smiling on the Outside...
    But she also just wet her pants.
  • Come Closer, Little Girl 8 of 20
    Come Closer, Little Girl
    I think I just swallowed my gum.
  • Weapon Wielding Bunny 9 of 20
    Weapon Wielding Bunny
    Don't move or I'll stab you with this carrot, little man. Now, where's your piggy bank?
  • My What Big Teeth You Have! 10 of 20
    My What Big Teeth You Have!
    All the better to eat you with, my dear.
  • What’s With The Penguin? 11 of 20
    What's With The Penguin?
    Seriously. WHAT'S WITH THE PENGUIN? This little guy wants to know.
  • Evil Easter Part 2 12 of 20
    Evil Easter Part 2
    That's right boys, hold on to each other for safety. It's the only way you'll make it out alive.
  • Old Skool 13 of 20
    Old Skool
    Is that a carrot in your pocket or are you just happy to see me? Sorry. Couldn't resist.
  • Dirty Bunny 14 of 20
    Dirty Bunny
    What dumpster did they pull this bunny from?
  • The Willy Wonka of Easter Bunnies 15 of 20
    The Willy Wonka of Easter Bunnies
    I'm not saying who, but someone was on acid when throwing their bunny costume together...
  • Please Mister Sister Bunny, Don’t Hurt My Dog 16 of 20
    Please Mister Sister Bunny, Don't Hurt My Dog
    The kid on the left is killing me. He's no dummy, he ain't taking his eyes off his dog for one second.
  • Don’t Eat Me! 17 of 20
    Don't Eat Me!
    Seconds later the bunny swallowed this child whole.
  • Does This Dog Look Alarmed To You? 18 of 20
    Does This Dog Look Alarmed To You?
    That's all I'm saying about this one.
  • Is That A Tooth? 19 of 20
    Is That A Tooth?
    This kid has the right idea. Just smile and hopefully he'll eventually go away.
  • The Horror 20 of 20
    The Horror
    That right there, my friends, is the expression of a child who is traumatized for life.

You can also find Monica Bielanko on her personal blog, The Girl Who.


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