The Instagram Photos We're ALL Guilty Of Taking

Instagram has become the social media junkie’s go-to photo app, and with 40 million users uploading nearly a billion photos over the brief time Instagram has existed.

A certain style, shall we say, of photos has become popular, particularly among us mom bloggers. You know the ones. The “from above!” ¬†Or the “Drinking Mah Coffee!” photos.

We’re all guilty.

So I’ve assembled some of the most common types of Instagram shots you see on a daily basis from your online friends. I’m gonna bet you’ll recognize yourself in here too. (I know I did; I used several of my own shots!)

  • Surprise face! 1 of 16
    Surprise face!
    OMG! Something totally shocking just happened. Now you need to read the caption. Because it's SHOCKING, I tell ya. Good thing Annie is so adorable.
    Read Annie's blog!
  • The Bathroom Mirror Photo 2 of 16
    The Bathroom Mirror Photo
    I'm totally guilty of the silly instagram photo. This is my and my friend Lynette being silly at a conference.
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  • Pics of feet 3 of 16
    Pics of feet
    Cute shoes, or feet up on your desk, or just with fun shadows, feet are a popular instagram feature. These feet belong to Beth Anne.
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  • The Brag 4 of 16
    The Brag
    Guilty as charged. This is me showing off my signed copy of Ree Drummond's cookbook. (I know you'll ask, so know the app I used is Polyframe).
    Read Ree's blog!
  • The Caffeine Shot 5 of 16
    The Caffeine Shot
    Look! We drink coffee (or in my case, energy drinks)! Every day!
    Read my blog!
  • The Car Self Portrait 6 of 16
    The Car Self Portrait
    Hey look! I'm driving somewhere! This is Kadi. Driving somewhere. Heh.
    Read Kadi's blog!
  • Clouds! 7 of 16
    How many photos of clouds have you seen on Instagram? Do they look different from the clouds outside your window? Probably not, right? Amy sent this in of her own free will.
    Read Amy's blog!
  • The Arm’s Length Self Portrait 8 of 16
    The Arm's Length Self Portrait
    Doesn't Danielle look adorable here? Haven't we all taken this shot?
    Read Danielle's blog!
  • The From-Above Slimmer 9 of 16
    The From-Above Slimmer
    "I look skinny this way even if makes my nose look HUGE!" Oh yeah. I've done (do) it. Possibly daily. Ahem.
  • Freaking Out About… Something. 10 of 16
    Freaking Out About... Something.
    Devan says she's freaking out in this photo. I dunno, I looked much more freaked out when I freak out. But each freak out to it's own, eh?
    Read Devan's blog!
  • The Dog Photo 11 of 16
    The Dog Photo
    Well, they are just so cute! How can we help? This cutie belongs to Babble's own Alli Martell.
  • Food That Shouldn’t Be Instagramed 12 of 16
    Food That Shouldn't Be Instagramed
    Um, yeah. Some foods just don't work on Instagram. Or they look like dog food, yes. Although I'm sure this was DELICOUS, Kadi.
    Read Kadi's blog!
  • Silly Sunglasses (or hats, or scarves, or…) 13 of 16
    Silly Sunglasses (or hats, or scarves, or...)
    Yeah, I put on my kid's sunglasses just for a photo. What?
  • Getting Your Hair Done 14 of 16
    Getting Your Hair Done
    I'm not sure when, exactly, it became popular to share photos of yourself looking horrible, but, frankly, I say BRING IT ON. Cause we always look awkward mid-do.
  • Yummy Food 15 of 16
    Yummy Food
    Excuse me, I'll be right back, I just remember I didn't have lunch...
    From Babble's own Lindsay Hood!
  • Irritated Cat 16 of 16
    Irritated Cat
    WOMAN, WHY DO YOU HAVE THE CAMERA IN MY FACE. AGAIN. Can't you see I'm sleeping here?
    Another from Lindsay Hood of Babble!


writes here at MomCrunch as well as at her own blog, Uppercase Woman. She is an utter social media geek.

Article Posted 4 years Ago

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