The Joys of Outercourse

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Keep your clothes on and watch the sparks fly!

“We don’t have to take our — clothes off! — to have a good time, oh no.” You know the song (if you don’t, you should). It’s the kind of jam that makes you want to boogie in celebration of the dry hump. Yes, I’m talkin’ about doin’ it with your clothes on, or as Women’s Health calls it, having “outercourse.”

Anna David writes in the October issue of Women’s Heath:

The best sex I ever had didn’t include intercourse. I was making out with an ex who I was considering reuniting with, but I wanted to keep our sexual interactions relatively innocent until I decided if I wanted to let him back in emotionally. As we kissed, his jeans-enclosed thigh rubbed between my legs. It felt so silly, so adolescent, so not like what grown-ups do—until he kept at it and I had one of the biggest orgasms of my life.

Interesting! Outercourse seems to be the perfect thing to try if you’re having trouble orgasming. David quotes Jamye Waxman, a sex educator, as saying, “Outercourse is a great option because it helps women forget there’s a goal, so they can just enjoy the feelings and sensations of the ride. It gets them out of their brains and into their bodies.” David adds, “In long-term relationships, outercourse can also shake up same-old same-old bedroom rituals.”

The reason outercourse is so sexy is because it can happen almost anywhere and is reminiscent of a time when sex was forbidden. But you don’t have to pretend you’re not allowed to take your clothes off in order to get a kick out of outercourse. You can also use the clothes you keep on in a strategic way to heighten your physical pleasure. Barbara Carrellas, author of Ecstasy Is Necessary and Urban Tantra, recommends you “alternate cool and hot breaths over your partner’s underwear.” She says, “For hot breath, open your mouth and exhale with your mouth close to the fabric; for cool breath, purse your lips as if you were blowing out a birthday candle and do so from farther away.”

For more tips and tricks about how to make dry humping the most fun you’ve ever had, visit Women’s Health.

Article Posted 6 years Ago

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