The Kate Middleton Effect: New Parents Delay Naming Babies Until She Has Hers

Prince William, The Duke and Catherine, The Duchess of Cambridge with Prince Harry arrive at the launch of the Warner Bros Studios in Leavesden in HertfordshireOutside of London’s St Mary’s Hospital, dozens of photographers and reporters are waiting patiently for the arrival of one very pregnant Kate Middleton. The woman who is famous for marrying the heir to Britain’s throne is due to have her baby – the first for Kate and Prince William – this week. But paparazzi and pen pushers aren’t the only people waiting for her to give birth; apparently a whole bunch of new parents are waiting for her to get that royal baby out too. And not out of curiosity they’re waiting for her to give birth so they can name their own babies.

According to a survey in the U.K. (via Female First), 42% of moms would wait to see what Kate Middleton and the Prince named their offspring before naming their own child. Legally, they have six weeks after a baby’s birth to decide on a name, and some are willing to take the wait and see then name approach.  One pregnant mother said to Female First, “My husband and I have decided to wait to see what the royal baby is called before naming ours. We have thought of quite a few names but we both decided it would be lovely to see what Will and Kate choose first. I love the name Alexandra so if we have a girl then it may well be the most straight forward decision we have to make.” Alexandra is on the top of the list for guesses for the royal baby name.

Another woman was very open about her naming decision, saying, “My baby is due before the royal baby, but I already know I definitely want it to have the same name. “The birth of Will and Kate’s baby is such a monumental event,” she added, “that is going to be remembered forever, just like the royal wedding. Giving my baby the same name is my personal way of celebrating.” I would have gone with a commemorative tea cup or perhaps naming a fish after the royal baby, but to each their own.

While these stories depict mothers who are choosing to give their babies the same name as the royal offspring, you know there must be one, two, or more who are waiting to make sure their baby doesn’t have the same name. A good friend of mine has a daughter named Violet. They opted for the name thinking it was a lovely, simple, and old-school name. Then six months later Jennifer Garner and Ben Affleck named their first baby the same name. My friend was bummed. The name immediately lost its uniqueness and shot up in popularity.

But that just shows that there are two kinds of parents: the ones who want to go with the most popular and those who want to be different. But one thing for sure, we know that whatever name Kate Middleton and Prince William opt to bestow upon their child, it will shoot to the top of the “most popular baby names” lists. Unless it is Apple, Suri or North West, that is (at least let’s hope so).

Would you embrace or avoid a royal baby name?

Photo Credit: Pacific Coast News

Article Posted 3 years Ago

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