The Lorax as Reviewed by 3 Kids

I adore Dr. Seuss and think his work is wonderful. Modern movies based on this tremendous source material? In my humble opinion, pretty lame.  But I love this book and I adored Despicable Me, which was made by the same folks.

I made sure not to see the movie in 3D, after my family’s horrifically expensive debacle of Journey 2: The Mysterious Island. I really don’t think anything in the animation of the movie was lost for not paying the surcharge.

Here’s what my kids thought:

8 year old girl: I give it a 9. It was phenomenal. My favorite part was when the little bear Pipsqueak went down the river because he was so cute and he looked like he was having fun. That little bear was my favorite character. And I thought it had a nice message: Don’t make a product that creates a scarcity. Scarcity is a hundred dollar word, mommy. (I stare at her with my mouth open) Also, that cutting down trees is bad.

I would totally tell my friends to go see it it was hilarious. Seriously, mom. I loved it.

Take-away: 8 year olds will really like it.

6 year old son: It was really good. I give it a 10. That’s the highest right? I loved it. I loved the Lorax the most, he was sooo funny. And when he electrocuted the guy using the two little bears? Awesome, right? (Giggles to himself.)

I think all my friends should go see it because it was so funny. I agree with her (looks at sister) that there was a message. The message was very important. Don’t cut down trees and replace them with plastic ones because then you’ll have to buy air. And air should be freeness or you might have to spend $155. (Looks at me with serious expression to make certain I have absorbed his wisdom.)

Take-away: 6 year olds will think it’s hilarious and really love it.

3 year old daughter: No. No. NO!  (I attempt to get her to discuss the movie with me and she just looks annoyed and says no some more.)

Mommy: Did you have a favorite part?
3 year old: No.
Mommy: Did you like any of the characters?
3 year old: No. Well, I maybe liked da fish. Because they sang. And da granny.
Mommy: Would you see it again?
3 year old: (Looks horrified) No.
Mommy: Is there anything you want to tell me about going to see the movie?
3 year old: No. I no like it so Daddy and I left and he took me to da cupcake shop. (Smiles and nods in satisfaction)

Take-away: Many 3 years olds will probably love it. However, mine hated it with the fiery passion of 10,000 suns and didn’t even care that I had chocolate with which to bribe her. She refused to watch more than the first 30 minutes, chocolate notwithstanding and demanded that her dad take her home.

So 2 out of 5 Miners loved The Lorax (the big kids). Another 2 out of 5 hated it and thought it was stupid and boring (Daddy and littlest kid). 1 out of 5 Miners (that would be me) thought it was meh.  To me, it was yet another Dr. Seuss adaptation that had the potential to be great and just wasn’t. Honestly? I wish we’d waited for On Demand and saved the money.

I hope that helps you figure out if it would be worth the cost of going to see this movie in the theater!

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Article Posted 5 years Ago

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