The Magic of Photoshop Lets Sick Dad Attend Sons Wedding — After the Fact (PHOTOS)

What's a bridesmaids photo without the father of the groom in a racing hat?

It’s right up there among the worst nightmare of any couple getting married: A parent becoming too sick to attend the big event at the last minute

It’s what happened to Brian Shoop right before his wedding when his dad suddenly fell ill, rendering him unable to be present at the wedding of Brian to bride Andrea.

But instead of wallowing in the sad turn of events, his family took charge. Brian’s sister used Photoshop to insert images of their dad in the wedding afterwards so it was as if he had been there. Well, a if he had been there wearing a sombrero, lounging in a kiddie pool, and brandishing a fishing pole.

See how one family turned their wedding misfortune into hilarious photographic memories:

  • Front row seat 1 of 14
    Front row seat
    Or, more specifically, front row kiddie pool.
    Groom Brian Shoop said his dad laughed nonstop at the photo.
  • Ready . . . aim . . . 2 of 14
    Ready . . . aim . . .
  • He caught a whopper! 3 of 14
    He caught a whopper!
    Three guesses what was served at the reception.
  • Wait, where’s Dad’s bouquet? 4 of 14
    Wait, where's Dad's bouquet?
    No bridesmaids' photo is complete without a racing hat.
  • And now . . . the groom’s parents! 5 of 14
    And now . . . the groom's parents!
    To make Brian's dad's presence felt, Brian's mom held up a cell phone picture of him at the reception.
  • Father and son dance 6 of 14
    Father and son dance
    Always a touching moment.
  • Olé! 7 of 14
    A sombrero is always appropriate.
  • Hard at work 8 of 14
    Hard at work
    So nice of Dad to take a break from painting to smile for the cameras.
  • Atta boy! 9 of 14
    Atta boy!
    You can always count on Dad to swoop in with a camcorder.
  • Ba da bum 10 of 14
    Ba da bum
    Sitting in on the drums at the rehearsal dinner: Dad!
  • Ready for his close-up 11 of 14
    Ready for his close-up
    One of these things is not like the other.
  • Cheers 12 of 14
    Dad knows how to get ready for the ceremony.
  • Ready to rumble 13 of 14
    Ready to rumble
    The scene of the rehearsal dinner.
  • So this is love 14 of 14
    So this is love
    The groom set up a computer near the site of the ceremony so his dad could witness it via Skype while he was in the hospital.

All images courtesy of Shelby Street Photography

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Article Posted 5 years Ago

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