The Modern Mom's Gratitude List

rotisserie chicken
The Publix rotisserie chicken to go has saved my butt on more than one occasion.

I’ve been thinking a lot about how grateful I am to be a modern mother. I don’t have to churn butter or darn socks or walk 12 miles barefoot and uphill both ways to pick up my kids from school. Unless I want to, of course, because modern moms can do whatever they damn well please!

A lot of things have been invented in the last hundred years. In the second decade of the 1900s, telephones, traffic lights and refrigerators were invented, and most moms didn’t have access to these or many other modern conveniences. There are so many things we now have for which I have undying gratitude. Like women’s-sized baseball caps and sunglasses — which weren’t invented until 1929 — that hide my bleary-eyed, un-madeup face and unwashed hair at the bus stop. Or ready-to-eat rotisserie chickens at the grocery store, which save my ass when I haven’t come up with a plan for dinner.

I asked a few mom blogger friends to share their modern mom gratitude list with me. What things do they love that mothers didn’t have in 1912?  You may notice a trend in their responses, including the mention of Netflix and DVRs more than once. Here’s what they said:

[Be sure to tell us what you are grateful for, too. We’d love to know.]

  • Microwaves & Starbucks Drive-thrus 1 of 20
    Microwaves & Starbucks Drive-thrus
    Jill Williams Krause is grateful for: "A microwave and bags of frozen veggies so that I can feed my children without having to harvest, kill or even sautee anything. Also, concealer because ... obviously. And the Starbucks drive-thru because 1. COFFEE and 2. COFFEE in my pajamas without a bra on and not needing to drag my kids inside to stand in line and tell them incessantly, 'Don't touch that!'"
    Visit Jill at her blog, Babyrabies
  • My Little Pony & Spotify 2 of 20
    My Little Pony & Spotify
    Cecily Kellogg is grateful for: "My Little Pony on demand. That Spotify lets me play Justin Bieber without actually having to buy his songs. And I'm grateful for a husband who feels no qualms about doing laundry."
    Visit Cecily at her blog, Uppercase Woman or on Babble at MomCrunch
  • Kids Apps & Modern Bathtubs 3 of 20
    Kids Apps & Modern Bathtubs
    Joey Fortman is grateful for: "The SmackTalk app. Because as annoying as that little guinea pig is, to hear my 3-year-old boy giggle when it burps or farts is PRICELESS. Also, I'm grateful for my bathtub. I know. They had bathtubs in 1912 ... but NOT LIKE THIS ONE. Sigh. It's my heaven."
    Visit Joey on Real Mom Media
  • iPhones 4 of 20
    Stephanie Precourt is grateful for: "My iPhone for keeping me connected with the outside world during the many days I was breastfeeding non-stop. And my DVR, because is there ever a time as a mom that you actually watch something on TV live?"
    Visit Stephanie at her blog, Adventures in Babywearing
  • IVF, Velcro, and Tolerance 5 of 20
    IVF, Velcro, and Tolerance
    Dresden is grateful for: "The advancements made in reproductive sciences, specifically the process of IVF. (I wouldn't be a modern mom at all without it!) Also, I'm thankful for Velcro, which makes leaving the house easier for everyone. I'm thankful for car seats, air bags, and all modern safety features in automobiles. And finally, I'm thankful for living in an era during which single moms aren't shunned or shamed — they have sons in the White House."
    Visit Dresden's blog at Creating Motherhood
  • Nooks 6 of 20
    Kristen Chase is grateful for: "My Nook tablet — there's no way I'd get to read, watch television shows, or play time-killing games without it. Every mom needs her escape; that handy little gadget is mine."
    Visit Kristen at her blog, Motherhood Uncensored or at her site, Cool Mom Picks
  • Everything Coffee 7 of 20
    Everything Coffee
    Heather Westberg King is grateful for: "Coffee shops, coffee shop drive-thrus, instant coffee, travel coffee mugs, flavored coffee ..."
    Visit Heather at her blog, The Extraordinary Ordinary
  • Nooks & Starbucks 8 of 20
    Nooks & Starbucks
    Katie Sluiter is grateful for: "My Nook, which can pull up children's books I have saved on there at anytime so that my son can flip through when I desperately need some quiet time. Also, Starbucks, which gives me the shot of energy I need without having to do anything except order and pay. And the glider in the nursery that saves my pregnant back when my 36-pound 2-year-old needs rocking before bed."
    Visit Katie at her blog, Sluiter Nation
  • Hand Sanitizer 9 of 20
    Hand Sanitizer
    Nicole White is grateful for: "HAND SANITIZER! For the love of all that is holy, HAND SANITIZER!"
    Visit Nicole at her blog, My Bottles Up
  • PBS Kids 10 of 20
    PBS Kids
    Kim Borchert is grateful for: "PBS Kids, which entertains and teaches my preschooler while I am getting ready in the morning. And by getting ready I mean working."
    Visit Kim at her blog, Prairie Mama
  • Netflix 11 of 20
    Arianne Segerman is grateful for: "Netflix — which entertains the kids hands-free when I just really need a quiet hour (or two)."
    Visit Arianne at her blog, To Think Is To Create
  • Connecting on the Web 12 of 20
    Connecting on the Web
    Kristine Brite McCormick is grateful for: "The ability to have constant connection to other moms that have been there. That have children with the same condition my children have, and that have lost a baby — like me."
    Visit Kristine at her blog, Cora's Story
  • DVRs 13 of 20
    Anissa Mayhew is grateful for: "The invention of the DVR, so I can pause my show a thousand times during my daughter's bladder infection. "
    Visit Anissa at her blog, Free Anissa and also on Babble Voices at Anissa's Free Babble
  • Modern Husbands & Elmo On Demand 14 of 20
    Modern Husbands & Elmo On Demand
    Sarah Braesch is grateful for: "My modern husband, who is cooking dinner while I am screwing around on the internet. Also, for my DVR. I don't know how people dealt with all of that screaming for Elmo before he was available On Demand."
    Visit Sarah at her blog, Sarah and the Goon Squad and also on Babble Voices at That's Right. You Heard Me
  • Kindles & iPads 15 of 20
    Kindles & iPads
    Beth Anne Balance is grateful for: "My Kindle and iPad for reading in the dark while feeding my kiddo."
    Visit Beth Anne's blog at The Heir to Blair and on Babble's Toddler Times
  • Antibiotics & Vaccines 16 of 20
    Antibiotics & Vaccines
    Debbie Bookstaber is grateful for: "Antibiotics like penicillin and vaccines against diseases like polio — which protect our kids from illnesses that used to kill so many."
    Visit Debbie at her site, Mamanista
  • Shin-length Parkas & Hats with Earflaps 17 of 20
    Shin-length Parkas & Hats with Earflaps
    Amy Windsor is grateful for: "The cold winter weather that allows me to not only completely hide the fact that I'm still wearing my pajamas under a shin-length parka, it also lets me wear a hat with earflaps that completely cover my unwashed hair. What a godsend for afternoon bus pickups!"
    Visit Amy at her blog, The Bitchin' Wives Club
  • Fuzzy Socks & YouTube 18 of 20
    Fuzzy Socks & YouTube
    Miranda Wicker is grateful for: "Fuzzy socks and a hot cup of tea after a long day at work. Also a husband who isn't afraid to grocery shop when I don't have the energy. And my iPhone and Thomas the Tank Engine videos on YouTube for entertaining the toddler while I'm trying to get anything done."
    Visit Miranda at Not Super Just Mom
  • Cars & Careers 19 of 20
    Cars & Careers
    Julie Cole is grateful for: "The opportunity to get in my car a couple of days a week, drive to work and have some time AWAY from my kids. My grandmother often talks about what life was like raising eight kids with no car and rarely a moment away from them. Choice and opportunity for women (particularly mothers) is something that is fairly new!"
    Visit Julie at her blog, The Mabelhood
  • Disinfectant Wipes & Yoga Pants 20 of 20
    Disinfectant Wipes & Yoga Pants
    Suzanne Stanard is grateful for: "Disinfectant wipes, because they're one of the only reasons my house stays remotely clean. And yoga pants. Elastic. Enough said."
    Visit Suzanne at her blog, Pretty Swell


What I’m thankful for: An A to Z list of parenting gratitude

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