The Most Awkward Wedding Moments Caught On Video

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If ever there was a time to be on your very best behavior, it would be at a wedding.

With all eyes on you, and cameras rolling, it’s only natural to fear your wedding would somehow go viral on YouTube. 

Would you sing yourself down the aisle? Start a brawl at a reception? Slap a pair of boobs to the soundtrack of “Miami Vice”? Well, these people did.
Check out the best – err, worst awkward wedding moments caught on video after the jump!

  • Drunken DJ boob slap 1 of 12
    Drunken DJ boob slap
    I have no words, especially at the 0:27 mark.

  • Attack of the face-eating couple 2 of 12
    Attack of the face-eating couple
    Meet of Ryan and Shanna of TLC's "Virgin Diaries", now watch them, um, kiss.

  • Wait, how does this work? 3 of 12
    Wait, how does this work?
    The bride looks like someone died. The groom looks completely irritated. Welcome to holy matrimony, kids!

  • She chose to speak now 4 of 12
    She chose to speak now
    This woman had me at "He told me she's nothing but a freak."

  • The singing bride 5 of 12
    The singing bride
    I'm happy she finally found "the right man", but am I the only one to find this more awkward than awesome?

  • Drunk pole-dancing guest 6 of 12
    Drunk pole-dancing guest
    The poor bride is so rightfully pissed to be sharing her special day with a drunken lady in red. Tip: Avoid reception halls with support beams of any kind.

  • Reception brawl 7 of 12
    Reception brawl
    Watch what happens when a drunken groom mistakes EMT's for cops.

  • Technical issues 8 of 12
    Technical issues
    A clever marketing ploy by a professional DJ service to never trust your wedding to an amateur.

  • Poor cake! 9 of 12
    Poor cake!
    Doesn't this video make you want to hug the bride, right after you give a good shaming to the fool who added a laugh track to this video?

  • The laughing bride 10 of 12
    The laughing bride
    If you don't laugh, you cry. A great video for anyone who's a nervous laugher.

  • On this episode of Glee 11 of 12
    On this episode of Glee
    OMG, Rachel and Finn did get married backed by The New Directions!

  • Bottle fight 12 of 12
    Bottle fight
    Now, now, boys, take the roughhousing outside.

Which awkward wedding video was your cringey favorite?

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