Updated! The Most Geektastic Halloween Costumes for Kids and Babies (Photos)

Baby Tardis: adorable. Also about to bean you in the head with a sonic screwdriver.

If you’re trying to figure out when you’ll possibly have time to think about Halloween costumes in between your family’s annual Dr. Who Marathon Weekend and your daily Quidditch practices, I may have some ideas for you.

Are you more likely to outfit your daughter in a Darth Vader costume than in a “Lil’ Sexy Pirate” costume? Are you more likely to turn your son into The Kraken than let him walk around the neighborhood as “Toddler Pimp Gangsta”?

Then check out these epicly geektastic Halloween costume ideas!


  • Dwight from ‘The Office’ 1 of 25
    This. Is. Awesome. The mom who created this costume wrote in a blog post, "From a very early age with Little Ricky, we noticed that he had a bit of an.....ummmm....interesting hairline. He has not one, but TWO cowlicks in the front of his hair making it curl in an interesting way on his forehead. Luckily, he's not alone. He shares this hair style with someone pretty famous. Ladies and gentlemen, our little Dwight Schrute (from The Office).

    (Photo Credit: A Modern Day Lucy and Ricky)
  • David Bowie as The Goblin King in ‘Labyrinth 2 of 25
    I'm blown away by the costume that Christina Ragusin made for her four-year-old daughter! This costume is a WIN on so many levels: old-school pop culture, geekiness, David Bowie-ness, and because a four-year-old child tolerated wearing a wig.

    (Photo Credit: Leaping. Daring. Dancing.)
  • Minecraft Creeper 3 of 25
    It's so sweet when a father and child can come together and bond over geekiness.

    (Photo Credit: Reddit)
  • Voltron 4 of 25
    I heart this girl so much. I'd want to give her a hug except I"m absolutely positive she'd kick my ass if I tried.

    (Photo Credit: Pixelated Geek)
  • Dobby, the Baby House Elf 5 of 25
    Those big eyes really make the costume!

    (Photo Credit: Harry Potter Mexico)
  • Harry Potter Mandrake 6 of 25
    I've seen plenty of Baby Harry Potters, but only one baby mandrake! So clever.

    (Photo Credit: Ambitatterous)
  • Baby Dr. Who 7 of 25
    If there's any fashion accessory that looks better on a baby than a bow tie, it's a sonic screwdriver.

    (Photo Credit: Tots and Giggles)
  • Tardis Baby 8 of 25
    So cute! Oh, and the baby's pretty cute too.

    If you're super-crafty, make it yourself with instructions at crafster.com.
  • Seriously adorbz Tutu Tardis 9 of 25
    OHMAHGAHD. She is so adorable, even though I'm pretty sure she's about to bean me in the head with that sonic screwdriver.

    (Photo Credit: ohmz.net)
  • Sophia Petrillo from ‘The Golden Girls’ 10 of 25
    Let's all just assume those cotton balls are glued to a little hat, not to her scalp, mmkay?

    (Photo Credit: Bit Rebels)
  • Clark Kent 11 of 25
    Plenty of boys are going to be Superman. How many boys are going to be mild-mannered reporter Clark Kent? Love this costume for its geek chic and element of surprise.

    (Photo Credit: Family Style)
  • Alex from ‘A Clockwork Orange 12 of 25
    It's either completely inappropriate, or a terrific way to introduce your children to modern literature. My vote: both.

    (Photo Credit: Smilorama)
  • Ewok 13 of 25
    This is one of the few store-bought costumes that made this round-up. As cute as all the baby Leias and baby Darth Vaders are, there's something to be said for outfitting your child in a size-appropriate Star Wars costume. Yoda or an ewok are excellent choices.

    Availableat Costume Express, $24.99)
  • R2D2 Stroller, and Mini C3PO 14 of 25
    Oh, yes. These ARE the droids you're looking for. Craftster user Deeder made these amazing costumes: a miniature C3PO, and a stroller outfitted as R2D2. Amazing!

    (Make it yourself with instructions at Craftster)
  • Darth Vader, Sans Helmet 15 of 25
    Any kid can be Darth Vader. It takes a certain special someone to be Darth Vader without his helmet. This look is known in our house as "Darth Vader Freaky Face."

    (Photo Credit: Break)
  • Princess Vader 16 of 25
    Another nice twist on the classic Vader. I like to think if Darth Vader had gotten visitation rights to see Leia, her weekends would have looked something like this.

    (Photo Credit: mayamagination on Craftster)
  • Baby Taco 17 of 25
    Of course it's appropriate to dress your crawling baby in a costume that was probably intended for a dachshund. It's just practical, really.

    (Photo Credit: Costume Pop)
  • Edward Scissorhands 18 of 25
    Stop! Don't run with scissors in your hands! Oh, right...

    Make it yourself with instructions from instructables.com)
  • The Kraken 19 of 25
    I love this costume for both its simplicity and its originality. Your kid will totally be the only giant squid/legendary Norse sea monster in the neighborhood.

    Available at Pip and Bean on Etsy, $49.
  • Lego Indiana Jones 20 of 25
    This costume is so unbelievably good, it looks professional. It was made by possibly the coolest dad ever, who details how he made it on instructables.com.

    Make it yourself with instructions at instructables.com)
  • Father-and-Son Ghostbusters Costumes 21 of 25
    Possibly the cutest, most awesomely geektastic father-and-son bonding evah.

    (Photo Credit: Reddit/DruNewp)
  • Nacho Libre 22 of 25
    If your toddler has the classic Jack Black belly (and which toddler doesn't?), this is a great look, especially if you live in a warmer area. Also if your preschool is okay with topless costumes. Also if your kid doesn't have horrible sensory issues that would preclude the fake moustache. So, basically all the planets have to be in alignment for this costume to work, but when it does: perfection.

    (Photo Credit: Neatorama)
  • Borg 23 of 25
    My first concern about this costume was "WAIT! How does the baby see?" and then I remembered that babies can't see very well anyway. So: winning!

    (Photo Credit: dVice)
  • Mr. Spock and Capt. Kirk 24 of 25
    As much as I'd enjoy seeing a small Mr. Spock show up at my door, if a small Sulu shows up, he's getting alllllll the candy.

    Available at Costume Craze, $18.47 for Kirk; $19.24 for Spock. I guess the ears cost extra.
  • Sulu: The Costume Someone Needs to Make for Their Kid 25 of 25
    How is there no Sulu costume for kids? Costume store FAIL. This one would be so easy to make at home, anyway. Basically you just bedazzle a red sweatshirt with some Star Trek logos. Add a white mock t-neck and a teacup, and you're set. Bonus Kit-Kats for any parent who trains a two-year-old Sulu to say "OH MY!" every time he gets candy.

    (Photo Credit: Curt Danhauser's Guide to Star Trek Excelsior)

(Photo Credit: ohmz)


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