The Most Offensive T-Shirt — Ever? College Football Rivalry Apparel Makes Light of Penn State Scandal

Penn State shower shirts
Since when did child rape become a punchline?

Absurdly offensive t-shirts are no longer limited to young girls.

This became sickeningly evident when some college football t-shirts popped up on Facebook in recent days making light of the sex scandal at Penn State, according to the New York Daily News (via Jezebel)

An Ohio State-themed shirt takes aim at rival Michigan on a shirt that reads, “I’d rather take a shower at Penn State than cheer for the Wolverines.”

Two other schools — LSU and Iowa — have also showed up on shirts with the same messages, although with different rivalries named.

It’s unclear when child rape became a punch line among college students, or, frankly, anyone, despite the intense following of college football fanatics.

If my kids were behind this kid of horrific nonsense in college, I’d pull them out before they could pull the shirt over their head and make sure they spent the remainder of their college years volunteering for child abuse nonprofits.

Given the spelling error on the LSU t-shirt and the fact that the apparel is beyond repulsive in poor taste, and have only been seen on Facebook and not legitimate websites, this is clearly not official university apparel. Hopefully the schools will figure out who’s behind the nonsense and send them packing — to the showers, to the doghouse or anywhere where they can learn what it means to make light of something so terrible.

Article Posted 4 years Ago

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