The Most Outdated Parenting Advice: 10 Myths Your Mama Told You

Mama doesn't always know best. Especially when the last time she parented was 30 years ago.

Let’s be honest.  Most of us just bumble and fumble our way through parenting.  None of us know exactly what we’re doing.  Especially when we brought the first baby home.  That’s why we give a lot of credibility to what our parents tell us because, well, because they’ve been there done that.  They should know what they’re doing, right?


Sometimes myths just keep getting passed on from one generation to another.  Maybe, by coincidence, it worked for someone somewhere along the lines so they swear it works and tell their children and their children tell their children and pretty soon myth morphs into parenting fact.

Yahoo Shine has a fascinating article on the most outdated parenting advice.  I read it and was astounded as my very own mother has me believing several myths on the list.

Here’s are some of the myths being dispelled.

Myth: Infants need to be bathed every day.

They don’t! They aren’t running marathons for crying out loud. They don’t get stinky the way adults do. Plus you’ll dry out their tender skins! You only need to bathe them every two or three days unless a daily bath is part of your baby’s bedtime routine. Just make sure to moisturize a lot.

Myth: When infants are running a high temperature, rub them down with alcohol to lower their fever.

This doesn’t lower a fever and it’s unsafe, according to Yahoo, as alcohol can be absorbed into the skin.

Myth: Letting your little one stand or bounce in your lap can cause bowlegs later on.

My mom tells me this all the time but apparently it’s just an old wives’ tale. Letting your child stand or bounce on their legs helps them learn to bear weight. And, of course, it’s fun and can be developmentally stimulating.
Myth: Listening to classical music will raise your baby’s IQ.

As Yahoo reports, “no conclusive research has found that having a baby listen to classical music in particular can result in brain boosting benefits.” Besides, what’s wrong with rock’n’roll, man? Music is stimulating, period. Unless it’s Celine Dion. And then all bets are off.

Myth: Babies should be woken up in the night to have a wet diaper changed.

I constantly worry about this and have even tried to stealthily change diapers during the night. But Yahoo reports that urine is sterile and today’s diapers are highly absorbent, so pee is cool to leave. Leaving a poopy diaper on for too long, however, can cause a UTI or bladder infection, especially for girls.

Myth: It’s dangerous to immunize your infant if he has a cold or a low-grade fever.

Minor illnesses won’t compromise your child’s immune system or increase a bad reaction to a shot.

Myth: Never apply sunscreen to an infant under 6 months of age.

The risk of skin damage from the sun is much greater than the risk from chemicals in sunscreen. Plus they’re making excellent baby sunscreens these days.

Myth: During the first month of a baby’s life, it’s critical that all baby bottles and nipples be sterilized.

Washing with soap and water is fine. Creating a germ-free environment can often do more harm than good. Besides, babies are exposed to more germs than what’s left on a washed bottle or nipple.

Myth: Putting rice cereal in your infant’s bottle will help him sleep.

Another one my mom is famous for. However, research suggests that babies who are given solids before 4 months are actually worse sleepers than their formula-fed counterparts.

Myth: It’s critical to keep your baby on a strict feeding schedule.

Feed on demand. Your baby knows when he’s hungry and when he’s full.

These were just a few of the myths mentioned. To check out the whole article head on over here. What about you? Got any myths passed down from mom you’d like to dispel?

Article Posted 5 years Ago

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