The Odd and Awesome World of Edward Gorey a Look at His Genius

$T2eC16R,!y0E9s2S6chjBRDyI)uQug~~60_57Dr. Seuss was pretty wacky and Chris Van Allsburg can be pretty intense, but no children’s illustrator is was wonderfully strange odd, and bizarre as Edward Gorey.

On February 22nd, Google celebrated the artist on what would have his 88th birthday with one of their famous odes to awesome the Google Doodle.  Gorey left this mortal coil back in 2000, but his art has continued to inspire artists, dreams, children, goths and Tim Burton with his fine penned depictions of people, places and yes, cats.

Check out this look back at his genius.

  • The Google Doodle 1 of 17
    The Google Doodle
    The Google Doodle in honor of Gorey! Photo Source: Google
  • Very Fine Clock 2 of 17
    Very Fine Clock
    A classic image from Gorey. Photo Source:
  • When Bugs Attack 3 of 17
    When Bugs Attack
    This one is nightmare worthy. Photo Source: Beyond the Black Gate
  • Cats! 4 of 17
    A lady and cats, you can't go wrong. Photo Source: Beyond the Black Gate
  • The Loathsome Couple 5 of 17
    The Loathsome Couple
    A cheery looking book?No, not so much. Photo Source: eBay/available for $85
  • Hiding In Plain Sight 6 of 17
    Hiding In Plain Sight
    This is an odd and creepy one isn't it? Photo Source: cavigliascabinetofcuriosities
  • Son of the Martini Cookbook 7 of 17
    Son of the Martini Cookbook
    Do you have this one on your cookbook shelf? Photo Source: Esty/available for $75
  • Henry James 8 of 17
    Henry James
    This cover really is lovely, from the 1950s. Photo Source: Esty/available for $14
  • The Evil Garden 9 of 17
    The Evil Garden
    A family visits a "evil garden," in this Gorey children story. Photo Source: Amazon/available for $9.95
  • The Gashlycrumb Tinies 10 of 17
    The Gashlycrumb Tinies
    Yeah, I don't know what to make of this one. Photo Source: eBay/available for $6.86
  • A Visitor 11 of 17
    A Visitor
    A very interesting nighttime visitor. Photo Source: Beyond the Black Gate
  • Meal Time 12 of 17
    Meal Time
    Quite the dinner date. Photo Source: Beyond the Black Gate
  • Catch the Baby! 13 of 17
    Catch the Baby!
    I hope this ends well...Photo Source: Esty/available for $288
  • The Doubtful Guest 14 of 17
    The Doubtful Guest
    He had us a a penguin wearing a scarf. Photo Source: eBay/available for $199.95
  • Just Creepy 15 of 17
    Just Creepy
    There are several elements that make this creepy, but the spider in the corner really gets me. Photo Source: Beyond the Black Gate
  • Books. Cats. 16 of 17
    Books. Cats.
    For some, that's all they need. Photo Source: Gorey Details
  • Cat Aerobics 17 of 17
    Cat Aerobics
    He really did capture the essence of cat aerobics didn't he? Photo Source: Gorey Details


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