The One Baby Name That Stands The Test of Time


Baby names rise and fall in popularity over the years.

Celeb baby names, movies, even video games all affect what people choose to call their kids.

In fifteen years there are going to be a lot of Jacobs and Bellas applying for college, is what I’m saying.

But as some names rise and fall in popularity, as Yahoo reports, one baby name has stood the test of time. It’s a boy’s name, can you guess what it is?

The Social Security Administration shows that virtually none of the top 20 most popular names from 1911 is still making the 2011 charts.

For example, the most popular names in 2011 were “Jacob” for boys and “Sophia” for girls. But in 1911, they were “John” and “Mary.” Again, as mentioned above, neither “John” nor “Mary” even appears in the top 20 for 2011:

But there is one name, one name to rule them all. Quite literally, if you recognize the little guy in the photo up there. Did you guess? That’s Prince William. His name is the one name that has staunchly stood the test of time. One hundred years ago William was at slot 2 on the popularity charts. This year it’s number 3 and has made the top ten every year in between.

The only girl name that has stayed on the popularity lists is “Elizabeth”. Interesting. For all the names, many of them bizarre, that have come and gone over the years the top 10 of 2011 is still pretty mellow.

What do you think? Is William or Elizabeth something you’d consider naming your child?

Photo credit: The Telegraph


Article Posted 6 years Ago

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