The One Parenting Strategy That Rules Them All

screamAt no time in your life are you inundated with more opinions, thoughts and suggestions than when you become a parent.

Everybody all the time with the judgment and unsolicited advice.

And, my god, have you seen the volume of parenting books out there? Attachment parenting, that damn Tiger Mom, free-range parenting. Who the hell knows what’s going on anymore?

As far as our parenting method, my husband and I are pretty much forging our own path, doing what feels right based on guts, common sense and tiredness level. We don’t subscribe to any particular parenting theory.

Until now…

David Vienna, author of has created the ultimate new method, one I can really stand behind. As he writes on The Huffington Post, “the new technique that will guarantee your child grows up to be an exemplary student and citizen.”

So what is this amazing new strategy?

It’s called CTFD which stands for “Calm The F*ck Down.” It’s a suggestion for you, not you kids. Kid not potty trained yet? Calm the f*ck down. Kid refuses to eat anything but hot dogs? Calm the f*ck down. As Vienna advises:

To use CTFD, just follow these simple steps:

  1. Calm the f*ck down.
  2. There is no second step.

Finally! A parenting method I can really get behind. I plan to implement CTFD in my home immediately and I suggest you give it a go as well.

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