The Oreo Turns 100! Their Ad Evolution from Then to Now (Images)

The Oreo Turns 100!

This week the Oreo cookie celebrates its 100th birthday. And one thing for sure, it still looks (and tastes) fantastic. Sure, it may not be good for you but it’s still an irresistible treat.

The Oreo Cookie has been a family favorite for generations and for good reason, it’s been around for eons! It was first made in 1912 in the Chelsea district of New York City by the National Biscuit Company aka Nabisco. The chocolate cream cookie sandwich is one of the most successful treats ever made, with over 491 billion, yes billion, cookies being sold. And one big component of their high sales? Their marketing.

Oreos were marketed via there ads to girls, boys, moms, dads and even grandparents. Their advertising ploys included selling the Oreo as “dessert,” as a creation with a homemade tinge, and oddly as something that had some kind of healthy aspect to it (“Let them have another one, Mother, their pure Nabisco cookies.”)

Check out this collection of ads from the decades gone by to today. Which one is your favorite? And does looking at all these ads make you want to celebrate Oreos’ birthday by biting into one?

  • A Very Early Oreo 1 of 21
    A Very Early Oreo
    "As exquisite in taste as in appearance." When Nabisco was the National Biscuit Company.

    Source: Globe and Mail

  • Calling All Orea Fans 2 of 21
    Calling All Orea Fans
    Circa 1918: "I Must Have a Oreo Sandwich for Dessert." And she's using one of those newfangled telephones to get the message across.

    Source: eBay

  • Uneeda Bakers 3 of 21
    Uneeda Bakers
    "If you want to keep everyone happy, serve "Uneeda Bakers" Oreo Sandwich." Oh and it was then sold "in packages or by the pound."

    My Spill

  • Creamy Lemon? 4 of 21
    Creamy Lemon?
    Oreos apparently came with their standard vanilla flavor AND with a creamy lemon filling. Lemon? Really?

    Source: Business Insider

  • It’s Magic 5 of 21
    It's Magic
    "Oh! Oh! Oreo! Real Chocolate Creme Sandwich."

    Source: My Spill

  • Back From the Store 6 of 21
    Back From the Store
    And mom brought cookies.

    Source My Spill

  • Another Oh! Oh! Oreo! Ad 7 of 21
    Another Oh! Oh! Oreo! Ad
    But this one featured a grown woman instead of a kid, showing that they marketed to all ages.

    Source My Spill

  • It’s All About the Cream 8 of 21
    It's All About the Cream
    Circa 1968: "The ever lovin' spoonful."

    Source: Ad Classix

  • The Flavor 9 of 21
    The Flavor
    "You can't see the flavor but you know it's there when you see the red Nabisco seal."

    Source: Vintage Browser

  • The Lick 10 of 21
    The Lick
    Circa 1950: One of the early ads addressing the common creme licking. "Open up an Oreo and take a lick!"

    Source: Flick River

  • Another One 11 of 21
    Another One
    Circa 1953: "Let them have another Mother, they're pure Nabisco cookies." Yeah, that wouldn't go over as well these days.

    Source eBay

  • Another, Another One 12 of 21
    Another, Another One
    Yup, another one of those ads telling moms it's okay for their kids to have more Oreos.

    Source: Sentimental Journeys

  • Really? 13 of 21
    Circa 1965: We all know that that is not the way an Oreo is made.

    Source: Tias

  • Whip 14 of 21
    Circa 1963: Giving the illusion that the Oreos are homemade!

    Source: Ad Classix

  • RX? 15 of 21
    "Rx for Empty Tummies." This ad takes a medical approach. Not sure if any doctor would EVER prescribe Oreos.
  • Cookie Jar 16 of 21
    Cookie Jar
    Circa 1978: Wow. That is quite a cookie jar that they have there.

    Source: Tias

  • Who’s the Kid? 17 of 21
    Who's the Kid?
    Famous adults posing with their Oreos.

    Source: My Spill

  • Mickey 18 of 21
    An Oreo and Mickey Mouse Club mash-up.

    Source: Vintage Paper Ads

  • Better Together 19 of 21
    Better Together
    A sweet modern ad for Grandparents Day.

    Source: Tumblr

  • Celebrate Everyday Moments 20 of 21
    Celebrate Everyday Moments
    "Brighten up school lunches with Oreo." Do you do that?

    Source: Kontera

  • Got Oreo 21 of 21
    Got Oreo
    An Oreo ad without the presence of an Oreo. Now that's brand power.

    Source: Coloribus


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