The Ostrich Pillow Junior Threatens to Bring Down Your Kids’ Grades as Well as the Mattress Industry

If only most kids would get enough sleep, there’d be an end to tantrums, unnecessary outbursts, and sibling squabbles. Okay, maybe not an end to it all, but there’d be a lot more peace and quiet. When kids are tired, hardly anything good ever happens.

Enter the Ostrich Junior Pillow (that we first read about over at My Modern Metropolis). When its sister product, the Ostrich Pillow (Senior? The Elder? I?), was first introduced via a Kickstarter campaign in 2012, it raised $200,000 in just 30 days. That’s because the wraparound pillow that rests comfortably on your head hit a sore-needed market: People who want to sleep comfortably! Anywhere! All you have to do is wear a ridiculous looking thingy on your head!

Now’s there’s a kid-size version of it. Which is genius. Except that in addition to promoting sleeping comfortably anywhere, it’s promoting other stuff that isn’t so great.

Take a look at how the Ostrich Pillow Junior could singlehandedly snuff out the mattress industry and lower the quality of kids’ report cards at the same time:

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