The Perfect PR Pitch: Yes, Blogger, It DOES Exist

We bloggers can be a tough crowd.

We love to slam those horrible pitches we get, and we’ve certainly had our fun here at MomCrunch with crappy pitches.

But now and again, a good pitch crosses our desk.

And sometimes? Very rarely, but sometimes we get the PERFECT PITCH.

I got one of those this week.


The pitch was from Dallas Browning, the “Lead Notebook Enthusiast” at Miro Notebooks. When I asked him if I could feature his pitch here, he gave me his permission and said, “Thanks for the feedback, it’s nice to hear when we’re doing something right.”

And right it is.

Here’s the pitch. It’s modest, but classic.


Hi Cecily,

So, we’re a group of artists, designers and self-proclaimed writers. And also we happen to be a notebook company. A notebook & journal company. A new one.

Anyway, we’re looking for help getting into the hands of interesting people, and, well, just getting known in general.

They’re pretty cool notebooks. As far as notebooks go. But, come on, notebooks go a long way in coolness, don’t you think? Maybe?

Anyway, if you, or your friends, or your friends’ friends or favorite acquaintances might want to do some sort of…something that involves a notebook or a journal; or even if you’d just like a few free notebooks (we’d love to send some to you–no strings attached), just say the word.

Well, the word and an address.

Stay awesome.


That’s all. Just a short, simple post with a clear offer without strings and a friendly, warm tone that made me feel happy about the product before I even clicked over.

Obviously, not every pitch can be like this. But when I shared this with some other bloggers, they were equally gushy about the pitch. “I wish all companies were like this!” said one, and “Love that pitch! They were speaking TO you, not AT you!” said another. “That was such a cool, cool pitch.” said another.

It was, indeed.

Congrats, Miro Notebooks, for receiving the first MomCrunch PERFECT PITCH award.

And stay awesome.

Article Posted 4 years Ago

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