The Pope’s Biggest Fan: Little Boy Joins Pope Francis on Stage and Won’t Leave

pope francisPope Francis spoke in front of 150,000 people on Saturday but one of the audience members secured the best chair in the house, the pope’s very special seat of honor even.  But it wasn’t one of the clergy or a invited guest of honor. It was a precocious little boy.

The Pope was hosting an event called Family, Live the Joy of Faith! with representatives from 80 countries addressing the crowd about the importance of family. A group of children were invited to sit at the end of the stage to listen to the talks, but this wasn’t enough for one child. This small boy went onto the stage and greeted the pope as he sat in his very special – for the Popes only –  chair. But the child didn’t just say hi and walk away, he stayed by his side.

A couple of cardinals tried to get the child to leave but he would not budge. And as people came up to shake the Pope’s hand, the boy – at first –  started to intervene, then he started to help, guiding people to the Pope. And as the Pope took the pulpit to give his speech the boy was, yet again, right by his side. But the sweetest was when he hugged the Pope’s legs and held on tight. The Pope did not seem annoyed, rather he seemed very amused. He then led the boy to the before mentioned “for Popes only chair” giving the boy the best seat in the house.

What is really refreshing about this clip (which you can check out here) is how patient the Pope was the boy, which was very appropriate for an event entitled Family, Live the Joy of Faith.

I’m not a bible type, but Buzz Feed found this very apt quote:

Luke 18:16: “Let the children come to me and do not prevent them; for the kingdom of God belongs to such as these.”

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Article Posted 3 years Ago

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