The Real Reason Abba is Still Making Money

mamma-miaI thought it was just my kid on the weird Swedish pop band-wagon until soccer practice a few weeks ago, when my friend’s daughter burst out in a tune from Mamma Mia. OK, the girls have weekly playdates – it could be her influence rubbing off.

Then this: SF Gate’s Amy Graff reported on a Mamma Mia sing-along for families. “Your daughter,” she warns, “might want to be Sophie . . . after seeing this movie.”

Is there a secret Abba fan club strictly for people under four-feet tall? Because I “can resist ya,” but the kids apparently take one look and forget everything.

The Mamma Mia musical and accompanying film version don’t hurt – they’re uniquely clean with zero sex or violence. At its worst, there’s the use of the word “slut.” That’s it. Shrek is worse than that. Throw in singing and dancing, and a storyline that’s all about mishaps not far off a cartoon’s, and it’s obvious someone was thinking about kids when they were making this flick.

Raised on Rodgers and Hammerstein musicals by my parents because we were TV-free and they were deemed the cleanest options for both my brother and I, I can dig it. Even in my Abba apathy.

But I confess I’m surprised by the fervor a so-so flick has generated among the four-year-olds in my neighborhood. Is Mamma Mia one your kids will “never let” go?

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