The Rise and Fall of DuckFace: Just Add Spaghetti

You’ve heard of Duckface, right?

Also known as MySpace Face.

A terrible affliction that millions of social networking men and women suffer from.

That awful face people make in photos because they think it makes them look sexy but really makes them look like a duck. You know, the pout/pucker that highlights the cheekbones, or so Duckfaces think. In reality they look ridiculous. Here, this is pretty much the Duckface Hall of Shame.

Unfortunately, it’s not just teen girls out for a night on the town that are Duckfacing. Instagram is rife with mommy bloggers and the like, posting selfie Duckfaces equally as often as snaps of their glorious offspring.

But much like that Nobel laureate, Alexander Fleming, who created Penicillen, one man has come forward with a mighty Duckface antidote that could cure Duckfacers everywhere. Thank you Tom from We can only hope perpetrators of Duckface will see your work and realize the enormity of their ridiculousness.

I’ll never be able to look at a Duckface the same way. Go ahead. Pass this on to your friends. It’s your duty.

Behold, the cure:

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