The Rise of the Mommy Blogger (Guess Which City has the Most Mom Bloggers?)

Can we just start calling them mom bloggers yet?  There is something so cloying about the term mommy blogger but I guess, like Brangelina, it’s here to stay whether any mom who blogs likes it or not.

Anyfway, it appears as if mommy bloggers are apparently laughing all the way to the bank.  A recent study of the genre reports that the average mom blogger’s salary is $14,000 higher than the average income for non-blogging moms.

The study, by Scarborough Research and reported on, was a comprehensive accounting of the mom blogger demographic and turned up some interesting findings. For example, can you guess which American city has the most mom bloggers?

Salt Lake City. My hometown.  Who would have thought? Actually, I would’ve thought. The place is filled to overflowing with Mormons and they seem to be the latest group of mothers taking the internet by storm. You’ve got Stephanie Nielsen of NieNie Dialogues, her sister Courtney Kendrick of and Allison Czarnecki of  Then there is, of course, Heather Armstrong, a former Mormon (like myself), who introduced a lot of people to the religion and also happens to live in Salt Lake City.

Of course, women like Stephanie Nielson and Heather Armstrong are in an a category all their own when it comes to how much money their blogs bring in.  But a lot of mom bloggers a couple rungs down the latter aren’t doing so bad either.  According to the report, the average mommy blog’s household income is $84,000, which, as previously mentioned, is  $14,000 higher than average income for non-blogging moms.

That isn’t the only thing mom bloggers have going on.  Apparently they are 52% more likely to have college degrees than moms who don’t blog.

So just who are these mommy bloggers? Well, the average mommy blogger is 37 years old and has kids between the ages of 2 and 11. “They’re also socially conscious and are 85% more likely to have supported a politician based on an environmental issue, 88% more likely to buy eco-friendly products and 38% more likely to volunteer than the average mom.”

About 3.9 million moms in the United States identify as bloggers, but just 500 of them are considered to be influential among among other mothers. If you want to see Babble’s list of the top 100 mommy bloggers click here.

Do you follow any mommy blogs? Which ones and why?

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