The "Rise of the Mommy Blogger" Infographic

This is the graphic they used. Because all mommy bloggers are white, blond, and wear dresses and aprons. Sigh.

You know what the momosphere was missing? AN INFOGRAPHIC. Luckily, H&R Block decided to commission oBizMedia to make one. Because who knows more about mom bloggers than a tax preparation service, right?


The data on the infographic is actually really interesting, but I’m having a really tough time getting past the top image of a blond woman holding a laptop and a baby while wearing a dress with an (insert swear words) APRON. Unless you are a blogger that blogs while wearing an apron. Then I apologize.

Also, I’d personally be very, very happy to never see another mom blogger cartoon figure. I think it’s diminishing to all of use to reduce us to cartoon figures.

But, gripes aside, let’s look at the data, shall we?

There are apparently now 3.9 million mom bloggers in the United States. WOW. That’s amazing, isn’t it? Hard to knock the idea of “community” when together we would make a decent sized city. They claim, though, that only 500 of that 3.9 million have “considerable power and reach.” They also state that 4,500 take “mommy blogging seriously enough to fly to a conference.” We are also slightly more likely to have a college degree and have a median household income of $84,000 a year, and are apparently 37 years old.

The ten bloggers they list as the top ten will come as no surprise, and I’m very glad to see Katherine Stone of Post Partum Progress considered in that number even though her site is a non-profit support site for women fighting post partum depression, and not a “mommy blog” at all.

Take a look at the infographic below, and hat tip to Mashable for sharing this.



Article Posted 4 years Ago

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