The Rocky Horror Glee Show: Too Racy For Kids?

The Rocky Horror Glee Show
The Rocky Horror Glee Show

So that happened. The Glee cast bumped and ground their way through a rough tribute to Rocky Horror. The costumes were good. Mercedes as Frankenfurter was inspired.

Now I have to decide whether or not my kids are old enough to watch Rocky Horror Picture Show. Actually, I know the answer to that: no. Which means they’ll have to wait a good long time to understand why Mama was so excited about this episode of Glee.

The A.V. Club calls it the worst episode this show has ever produced. Mostly it was just boring. Beforehand I was worried about Glee sexing things up too much: in fact the whole thing got bogged down in a discussion between the characters on the show about whether or not Rocky Horror is too sexy for a high school musical.

Is it? Rocky Horror was risque when I was young. And when my parents were young. In a world where Lady Gaga is mainstream, is it still? Frankenfurter’s corsets are practically modest next to what runway models routinely wear.

Yes, it’s a saucy, sexy show. But it seems tame next to the media a lot of kids see every day. It’s hard to imagine a real high school doing this show, but the Glee episode was a lot less disturbing than that GQ photo shoot.

What do you think? Did you let your kids watch this episode? Will you? Is Glee getting too racy for family television?

Photo: screenshot from Glee

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