The Single Most Popular Boys Name Over the Last 50 Years Is …

iStock_000013081028XSmallLast week, Jezebel published a series of maps showing the most popular names for girls state-by-state, year-by-year from 1960 on. The big winners nationwide and chronologically were Mary (’60-’61), Lisa (’62-’69), Jennifer (’70-’84), Jessica (’85-’90), Ashley (’91-’92), Jessica (’93-’95) (Way to go, Simpson sisters!), Emily (’96-’07), Emma (’08), Isabella (’09-’10) and Sophia (’11-’12). Today, the site released a companion post chronicling the most popular boys names since 1960, and – as you may or may not find surprising – it turns out the popularity of boys names hasn’t shifted as many times as with girls names. In fact, there’s one boys name that has been the single most popular name for boys for the last 50 years. Wanna guess what it is before I tell you (or you go look)? I’ll give you a sec.

Have you guessed?

You sure?

Do you want to phone a friend, or is that your final answer? (Note: Most popular name in my heart? Regis.)

The single most popular boys name in the U.S. from 1960-2013 is …


Year-by-year, the most popular boys names nationwide were David (’60), Michael (’62-’98) (Go Italians/my dad and brother!), Jacob (’99-’12). Another interesting tidbit: Michael has been the most popular boys name in New York State every year from 1960-2012, except in 1964, when John won out. Take that, Jennifers!

Check out Jezebel’s maps for more.

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