The State of the Mom Blogosphere 2012: We're Doing Just Fine

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Last week, hosted it’s second State of the Mom Blogosphere Live Chat, featuring a panel of nine mom bloggers from all backgrounds and perspectives to “lead a conversation on the trends shaping the mom blogosphere, the business of blogging, the impact of Twitter, Facebook and other social media platforms, where they get their creative inspiration and much more.”  {Full disclosure: yours truly happened to be one of the panel members.}  So what transpired?

My first observation was that both the panel members and the chat participants clearly see a return to the basics of blogging.  The past couple of  years have been a boon of “monetizing” and “SEO” and “junkets” and “gigs” – all well and good, but not at all the essence of mom blogging and not what will sustain this curious but powerful craft.  Instead, what we saw towards the end of 2011 and what’s predicted for 2012 is a renewed emphasis on community, social good, cultivating offline relationships and support systems.  Great examples of this trend are the #ONEMoms campaign, the #DigitalSisterhood movement, rallies around mom bloggers facing challenges, and mom bloggers scaling back on gigs and deadlines and spending more time with family.

My second observation was that moms are using their blogs as vehicles to pursue their passions, whether that passion is writing, starting a business, traveling, publishing a book, or even landing a TV show.  It’s so empowering to see moms everywhere making dreams a reality and using their blogs as the catalyst.  Along the same lines, I think mom bloggers are looking to create their ideal lives: working their passions; having better work-life balance; and most of all, being happy.

And that’s where the real power of blogging lies.  If last week’s live chat was any indication of what’s to come, I’d say that overall the state of the mom blogosphere is hopeful, purposeful and doing just fine.

See the Top 10 Takeaways from the live chat HERE; and the full transcript HERE.


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