The Steve Jobs Impact: 5 Ways He Changed How Families Live, Work & Play

Steve Jobs Impact On Families

Steve Jobs was many things, mentor, inventor, visionary, icon and dad. And while he made a huge impact on technology, business and how the world works and communicates,  he really had an influence on families and how we – and our children – use technology. How families use computers, phones, tablets, music players has been forever changed by the innovations developed by Steve Jobs. Plus we can thank him for Pixar gems like Toy Story.

So how has Steve Jobs impacted our families? Let us count the ways – well 5 of them.

Macintosh Computer Computer Users Get Younger and Younger
An amazing thing happened when we showed our then four-year-old daughter how to use our MacBook Pro. She got it and she got it quick. The Apple computer is so intuitive that even a child can navigate, explore and enjoy the hi-tech tool. It really is stunning how quickly the younger set can become acquainted with using a computer. And due to the ease of Apple’s interface it has – generally – been a preference in the classroom (at least where I live in the Bay Area).

iPod/iTunesTheir Favorite Music Fast
There was a time when if you wanted to buy  some Bach, Mozart or Modest Mouse for your child, you’d have to pack up the kid, go to your local music store and buy a CD of said music. But iTunes changed all that. The music store is ridiculously easy to use and has made every genre of music available just a couple clicks away. Check any parent’s iPod and there will be at least a handful of songs downloaded just for your child from iTunes.

iPhoneMore Than Just a Phone
If you possess both a child and an iPhone, then odds are the two spend some quality time together. From Angry Birds, to painting games to watching Dora on it’s tiny screen, the iPhone has become a mobile entertainment center that just happens to take and make calls too.

iPad – Talk About a Mobile Entertainment Center
See above (iPhone)  minus the phone call and add in a larger more active screen and you’ve got the iPad.

Pixar – Changes the Way Our Kids See Movies
Ask a kid what one of their favorite films is and odds are they will name a Pixar film, be it Toy Story, Up or Monsters Inc.. There would be no Pixar if it wasn’t for Steve Jobs.

What do you think is the biggest contribution Steve Jobs made to your family?


Article Posted 5 years Ago

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