The Story Behind Some Awkward Family Photos

afphotosA picture is worth a thousand words. But for many of the photos over at Awkward Family Photos, a thousand words doesn’t begin to explain.

Thankfully, Boston Herald’s Working Stiff, Darren Garnick, tracked down some of the subjects, including the most memorable submission, the kid choking his mother. Like, what’s with the violence? And, why isn’t Dad wearing pants?

The choker is actually Australian sci-fi novelist Sean Williams. And the choke was just joke to pass the time while the photographer set up the shot (guess he/she was all set!).

The shorts, though, the shorts and the priest’s collar. Williams father was, indeed, an Anglican priest. And the shorts were simply symptomatic of is really bad sense of fashion.

The Working Stiff also gets the real story behind the Alpine brother-(not)sister-father trio. But he neglects to mention his own contribution to this latest cultural phenomenon. (That’s him looking pregnant.)

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